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Urine remover for the McDonald's ball pit
That is you twisting your arm off in the exchange of a nickel for a gumball.
it is system for conduction a detail to a machine, also it change not able to work precission vibration system for once single pecs
but it is very complicated for dimensions in few-metters conduction, and robot manipulators and human works a common to it, but conduction for flexible 10+ meters channels may work better then vibro or pnevmo-air systems can work
We use this at work. Working with sandblasting and have one in the floor to move the sand over to the other side of the sandblasting hall :) I now the farmers use it to.. But not for sand :)
They use one of these at the "poo factory" or as they like to call it tbe solid waste treatment plant off Rollins Rd. In Fox Lake IL. That place really stinks!!!
Copulus o' Archimedes, of course..
An old Matchbox-made children's toy/game used this method, I think it was called Cascade. It moved ball-bearings to the top of a tower before they bounced their way to a capture area before returning to the tower.
Inclined plane in a spiral. Archimedes' screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a wedge placed inside a tube.
Release gumball mechanism
looks like a water pump, for pulling water up to a higher elevation. Archimedes design per my wife.
Archimedes Screw. Good for pumping mushy stuff like fruit pulp and mud.
Archimedes Screw, also known as Auger-Conveyer.
looks like a piece from a post digger
Ancient Egyptians dug irrigation canals, and used shadufs (Archimedes' Screws) to raise water from the Nile.
Irrigation Shaduf ... Irrigation began at about the same time in Egypt and Mesopotamia
in germany we watchmaker call it "Snail" (Schnecke) ^^
vending machine for gum ball
b reid
ancient water pump
it is not for liquid,
it's for pwederd material to be transported or semi solid.
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