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Tractor-cycle by J. Lehaitre. The novel vehicle is said to be superior to an ordinary motorcycle in its ability to climb steep and rough grades, although its speed on level ground is limited to about 25 m.p.h. Year 1938.
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Too sad that all the brave men who took a test ride obviously never returned because the bike does not seem to be steerable in any way.
I would drive the hell out of that
How do you steer? I can't imagine leaning into a turn on that thing, and it essentially only has one wheel.
"Steering is accomplished by handlebars which control a sideways motion of the drive belt."
Over the mountains n thru the woods slap a mini gun on the front n chop it up good. Man I want one. Where do we order?
I had a mental image of German soldiers riding into battle, escorting tanks and trucks with tractorbikes.
Interesting.. its practically the prototype for a snow-mobile..
I could this too climb some of the steep hill around here.
A dirt bike can climb an unbelievable grade with a skilled rider. I'm dubious.  
Some one was prepairing for a cold war
being a motorcycle tech i would love to get my paws on it
Daaaaaaang this brother needs a chain...
whoever designed that must have been high on something
like swag? yes you are very correct
That is just nuckin futz I mean it is crazier than a face chewing homeless guy!
he just pulled the old bath salts one out of the hat... ouch...
No swag?!?!? That's why its not in production now 
Lets just say that if he left it running while it was being filled, the pump probably couldnt keep up.
If I have this when I visit NYC I will be set!!
Ou Ija
20th century steampunk ftw
1938 for this kind of vehicle? Wow, amazing!
Iam D
This looks so steampunk. Love it! :)
would be kind of hard to sit on. seems no suspensions
lol there is the year at the end of the paragraph
Old style but still effect to future.
how does it turn left right?
Yes I think so hard to turn left right. 
It looks powerful and useful than the new ones we have.
I guess there was a preference for flattening the ground and going faster on motorcycles.
not so practical for the interstate
Greg S
STEAMPUNK AS F*CK!! [ETA: +Martin Vogel They would have had to circumnavigate the globe to return!!]
i think a picture bring u a view for information so all picture are really amazing 
its collecters piece, would luv to hv one ,
Он такой красивый!
Дизайн техники в 40-е годы вызывает у меня двоякое чувство ностальгии по упущенному альтернативному будущему.
If you push the centre of the track sideways (just about under his feet) then the contact on the ground will be a curve and it will turn. Looks like a rubber track so not hard to do at all.
That sounds plausible. The radius of the curve must be gigantic, 20 to 30 meters I guess.
"So I'm on a tractor-bike, it's how I roll... at least my trousers ain't tucked into my socks"
like to learn about this,like its production
Is there a model with training wheels?
Yep, stay tuned we're doing a mini feature on it this week.
turning that thing would be a bitch!
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