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Why were the old days better than these? girl geek? Even in cartoons we are rendered insignificant :-(
Here's to you not losing your kernels :-)
I think I worked at a geek 2.0 place once. They couldn't get the software to work on their hardware so I had to bring a desktop in to get the work done for them.

I'm something in between or possibly completely different, but still consider myself a geek.

All I need in my life is more pseudo-geek-chic labels.
Ok, now what if you're using your wireless laptop to read computer publications, and carry roleplaying handbooks in your e-reader/phone? What then? Geek 3.0?
nah, geek is the new cool. non-prescription glasses and cardigans are rampant.
I want to ask you one question what if i want to play Crisis 2, GRAW3, Call of duty MW3, Battle Field 3, POP4, can i find them on mac or i have to wait till appel to decide that they want to enter the gamers world.HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no way i am Geek 1.0 for ever.
I'm in the camp that wants games platform independent aka not based on directx. I'm no developer but I prefer to spend my money on games rather than the next edition of an OS when linux is free.
A Mac!? A real geek would use something like an old IBM X60 with a lightweight Linux distro on it.
This is inaccurate, Geek 1.0 is a nerd instead of a geek!
I'm a Geek 1.5. I have some of the old geek, and some of the new geek. I think it's better, in the end. Remember where we've come from, and look to where we are going.
I'm gonna make my own classification: Geek 3.0. I'm the bees knees!
I believe I have the misfortune of being caught between these two genera(liza)tions…
Crank up the Maker Machine and make one... Geek is as Geek does.
Woah Woah Woah. Hold on. You're trying to separate something that is at it's purest. Geeks are geeks, not versions.
I don't have a phone, I just write JavaScript ;)
Hehe, I have a 2 one hour commutes (to work and back), so I happily have a phone. :P And I used to write JavaScript, back when I was doing webtop publishing. :D
It feels so good to +1 to exactly 100 :)
Geek 1.63.535 beta here.
first of all: no one that realy wants to unleash the true power of a computer divice uses a MAC, It`s either Windows for beginners or Linux . Second: plain leather wristbands are gay
I'm going to make a potentially offensive general statement: Owning a bunch of expensive toys and watching zombie movies does NOT make you a "geek".

The geek is nearly extinct. Technology has become so sophisticated, delicate and expensive that nobody learns this stuff without going to college, which makes you a "Professional Technician". The future is awesome, but if you've never held a soldering iron, never written your own tools in C, or even put your own PC together, then you aren't a geek. Geeks know how to fix things. How to build things. How to make things. None of these things are done with money.
dman i get notification .. and i never psted a comment here ..and for the geek thing im geek 3 ..ohh u can't see it .. cause i am anonymous
I'd say 2.0, but I don't need contact lenses or glasses yet.
To Harry V: That might depend on whether or not you get paid for it. :)
What's the difference between "geek" and "nerd"?
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