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SCIENCE • MATH • Schoolboy 'genius' solves puzzles posed by
Sir Isaac Newton that have baffled mathematicians for 350 years
Shouryya Ray, a 16 year old from Dresden, has solved two fundamental particle dynamics theories. Ray, who was born in India and moved to Germany when he was 12 claims “schoolboy naivety” led him to solve the puzzle. “I didn’t believe there couldn’t be a solution,” said boy. Many professors, mathematicians and physicists had previously stated the problems Ray solved were “uncrackable". The solution devised by Shouryya makes it possible to calculate the path of a projectile in Earths gravity while factoring in air resistance . . .
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Love that! Never "believe" that something is impossible or too difficult.
Good for him. I hope he gets the proper respect he deserves, and is not passed off as a fluky kid.
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+suma chatterjee -28th May ~ I always claim that , Indians learn how to utilize own Brain in education . Now , Weldone Shouryya Ray !!! A 16 year old boy has solved Newton's Theorem !
Just wondering why people have been so stupid and said there is no answer, especially when question is like it has some kind of answer. Anyways, great for him.
Genius ! Thousands of mathematicians around d world and he cracked it all ...congrats
...and now those two theories are theories no more. Congrats to you Shouryya Ray!! Scientific discoveries continue to propel our humanity forward due in huge part to magnificent minds like yours.
this kid is made of just groups of words
awe and some =awesome
ama and zing=amazing
Wowww iiee e
you r orsm bro'!!
I really proud of you.
That is India, no lac of tellant here.
can be found genius on the next turn. And that is why we are so poor in the world.
Because everyone is genius and therefore lac of Vacancies in the whole country.. . . .
but all in all, You are the Best !!!
Give me seven hours to reading for exam
and I will spend the first seven found the book.
~ student
yes EVERY genius not LIVED IN INDIA.
M NOT proud of INDIA
Pity he is not very good at sport, that might hold him back. Still Stephen Hawkins managed to work around that problem so he has a chance.

Congrats Shourya.................... Hats off to ur passion devotion and sacrifice............... keep it up for the human kind. God(..if u believe...) bless u....
Congrats!!! Shouryya.You've penetrated the unknown,with your knowledge & wisdom.Keep it up.
This is only the beginning....
keyur,I agree with you, no need to be a chauvinist.
Outstanding ! Hats off to this young man !
Why not,finally he is Son Of India. We proud of him
Waiting for Nobel Prize for India.....Well Done...!!!!!
yet enthusiastic physicists have been asking each other "what exactly has been solved" all over internet today... no proper explanation yet...
yet its the greatness of the Newton who started his thought over PDT....
+Dogan Erbahar: After following the links it states "Analytische Lösung von zwei ungelösten fundamentalen Partikeldynamikproblemen" and a link to wikipedia:
The solution devised by Shouryya Ray makes it possible to calculate the path of a projectile in Earths gravity while factoring in air resistance.
It's all in the links ;)

I'd like to see the equations though...
Who is smarter the guy who thinks up an unsolvable puzzle for 350 years or the guy who solved it.
Good for him, but where is the proof? Links please.
Also, calculating air resistance was the problem? I would expect the problem with ballistics is the changes after a calculation is done.
nice qn +Jonathan Freedman , i think it depends on how you approach the issue. well if it were up to me i'd say the guy who came up with the 'riddle.' Mr. Ray is way smarter than - pardon me big bang theory fans- Sheldon lee cooper, problem? lol, kidding!!
this news will make Sheldon Cooper faint... but...
.... how much gun powder and how long a barrel must a 155mm howitzer projectile need in order for it to go around the earth and land within 1 kilometer from where it was fired?
Indian kuch bhi kar saktey h.........
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