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Macro Keys on most gaming keyboards accomplish this.
this animation is SOOO annoying O.o
Just now configured such an action on my Logitech keyboard... it has Close and Back button on the left...and I assigned Copy and Paste to them.
Why not just have a copy and a paste button? Why does it have to be a weird slider thing?
+Stuart Memo I like the weird slider thing.. haha I want as many of them as possible!
Geniale ed utilissimo ottima anche questa animazione!
2 of the 8 buttons on my mouse are set to copy & paste respectively, as that's the thing you hold when highlighting the text in the 1st place it seems to make more sense - put the weird slider thingy on a mouse not a keyboard for true awesomeness!
I'd like one like this that does Alt-Tab and Alt-Shift-Tab... that'd be neat... or that switches my keyboard layouts up and down. haha
ahhh gud but nt awsome.
Copying from one source is called copying. but copying from many sources is called RESEARCH
How about "CUT". I think we've to use our thumb to press Shift button
Good Idea though
ctrl+c will be more easy.
but this idea is nt better.
This makes me feel like we are dumbing down not getting any smarter...
very innovative.........All Companies, please copy & paste it in your keyboards
It's just like touch screen..
Technology is not growing it is going back to "No child left behind" where the idiots are the pace setters...
it should be included in the mouse
not on the keyboard
it would be a nice gadget on a mouse :)
that slider-thingy wouldn't be good at the shown position though.. you'd have to remove your hand from the keyboard to use it there..
Perhaps under space-bar so you can klap it with your thumbs.. haha
+Jaques Grobler Yup. I do things by counting key strokes and click amounts. even if I used my pinkie to flick this, you never know if the recoil will past instead of copy. and then my finger has to go farther then the normal edge of the keyboard... holding Ctrl and XCV works just fine with less effort...heh
ctrl+C & ctrl+V works just fine.
+Thomas Douglas infographics are for idiots. They are cute, but entertainment for the padded helmets.
Just wait, when they have Infographics that are 3D... back in my day we called them Popup books!...
Can we change it from "copy" and "paste" to "do dishes" and "empty trash"?
+Hans Huether for sure.. happy with those. .but this just looks fun and excessive ..haha It's like at a stage I saw lots of people using these mouses (mice? haha) that had so many buttons and then another ball too that your thumb would use.. very over-the-top.. but had to be explored. no you mostly see normal mousies again, except for some hardcore gamers, I'm sure.. haha I wouldn't say no to this on my keyboard.. haha nor would I demand it
Nice idea, but IMHO too easy to knock it and paste something accidentally - eg, confidential information into a chat window or public space.
I would have thought a rocker switch to be more ergonomic... mounted on top of the keyboard rather than on the side.
Development of Keyboard • Thanks
If ppl put copy/paste to mouse buttons... Cured!
+Jaques Grobler ya, I game about 10 hours a day and work about 4-8 a day so using a mouse and keyboard are always active. I have to think about how many more years I can put up with using stuff or when my wrists are going to go to This makes me think of more efficient ways to do things and this idea in the topic is not helpful. Good brain storming, but not something I would even consider to put into production.

Most ppl have to highlight something to copy anyway so making it a mouse button is already in the right direction.
+Thomas Douglas so, you are saying Infographics are for ppl that cannot keep their attention on the topic long enough to just read the data?... That is not positive progression in humans when we lose ability to focus and we cater to it. Or is it "A.D.D FTW"?
KDE and GNOME don't need this.
+keyur patel at some time the daydreaming imagination ppl, to make a product, have to have something function able and the more useful (or advertised) the more production happens... right?

If I was going to put about 15 sec into this as my own idea with the constraints being...
#1 has to be on keyboard
#2 has to copy/paste

I would put a copy past buttons on the vertical part of your keyboard where your space bar is. Your thumbs already rest there, why not just have a rocker button you only need your thumbs to use?... and that was in 15 sec with practical application. :)
put it on your mouse, better
+Thomas Douglas while talking about this a biz owner posted about how the meetings they hold, the ppl are not retaining the information as much as they used to...

I chalk up Infographics right next to MeMes... If you want to learn from them you will only end up thinking +Barack Obama is a socialist or what cats are thinking...heh
+Hans Huether m copy & paste...whith your idea ...but i think u r don't like this is better idea 4 keybord
I agree with everyone who says Ctrl+C,V,X is faster. I also agree with everyone who says this belongs on a mouse.
+keyur patel I am missing your point with your broken English. I am not a scholar at all in English but I don't know what you mean. Can you reword it?
+Jeremy Phares Ya, I didnt even think about hand placement if this was on a keyboard. If I had to put my hand to the side of the keyboard that means I would have to look down or feel around more then normal to put my hand back to its typing resting spot. Ctrl+ keeps your hands where you type and less looking at the keyboard for orientation.
+Astrid van Loopik Hell ya! In my whole life typing I have NEVER (even in that) used the CAPS lock but I have had the whole time hitting it and getting pissed off...heh I even forget what it was for originally... maybe typewriters but they are discontinued so...
Naturally, this "switch" could only be used when text, or another item, has been selected either through use of the mouse or a keyboard shortcut subjective to your operating system (e.g. shift + left/right). Given that one of the two aforementioned conditions must be met before the switch's ability is enabled, it would be slower than either the traditional CTRL+C and CTRL+V combo, like previously mentioned, as one hand would have to change from the typing position over to the left hand side of the keyboard. Even if the switch was placed on the mouse it would only be effective if the item was selected by the mouse, which may well be the case sometimes, but in cases where the user rarely uses the mouse (e.g. word processing), it wouldn't be nearly as efficient.
+Astrid van Loopik same with the right windows key and the... what the hell is this key anyway... the little paper with a pointer on Ignorance does not fit me unless intended and this one was
I don't think I've ever used the "¬"/"`" key or the "Pause/Break" key either!
Well, since this has gotten at the least off direct topic and into daydreaming...
I miss my Return key... this Enter seems too
+Pavel Drimalka one of these days I am going to stop being lazy and redo the key map and make caps lock... Paste! I really need to get back to work. Cya guys!
moving the hands on the side of the keyboard surely takes more time then pressing ctrl+c / ctrl+v
You could operate this with a flick of the left hand little finger without un-seating the heel of that hand (like I have to to get my fingers to ctrl+c/v) - I touch type more than proficiently but I'd love to try this out if anyone makes one
Great revolutionary design...
I think it's useless... CTRL+C and CTRL+V don't steal so much time
I think it dose not necessary.
Design Fail !!
Useless piece of crap this !
Wouldn't use it, nothing wrong with CTRL-C/V, also would seem very easy to hit copy/paste by accident which is a lot harder to do with the normal key-combo.
1) This idea is ridiculous.
2) It also looks dirty.
Let we discuss ... for who knows typing it is easy to ctrl + c and ctrl + v , this tech. may be useful for non-typers. For typemaster this tech. is not much supporting. Wonderful place for this , which may be useful for all is Under space , straight below v,b,n keys
ohh +austin greenlee i don't meant that if space is not there than they shouldn't have place there.

I meant WHERE THUMBS can easily strike.
I'm somehow strangely aroused by that animation...
And the num-lock is a lever you have to pull with both hands.
Uhg it's so dumb, so many moving parts to break.
good mechanical concept but earlier keyboard is much better...
I could see myself breaking this switch. 
So simple, highly effective ! What are we waiting for !?
why add this thing when you can just hit control (or command for mac) c and v? that's just as easy..
Because this is even easier. Better still would be if I could remap the caps key to ⌘c [light on] and ⌘v [light off]
for text in ubuntu you just select and click the middle button.. :)
How pointless. Is it really that difficult to remember a couple of key combinations which work on any keyboard?
That's what i call creativity. :D

I'm pretty sure the mind behind this creativity is of a Laziest person alive in the community, because it is as they say,
"always assign your hardest work to laziest person among you, he may not do it properly but will definitely figure out for the easiest way to do it.
I beg to be lazy, give it to me and all 'copyable' files hail to my fingers.
It's a weird mechanism I rather a key for those tasks but It's a good a idea, and if your life is based on develop software this could make your life easier and better.
Whats wrong with CMD / CTR + C or V. This just looks like something I would break.
Nice idea hoping that Microsoft buys it before Apple incorporates this into their Mac
And looks so uncomfortable ! (just imagine it on macbook ^^)
i forgot society is too lazy to do Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V
i can already see the dust particles getting caught in the cracks
for me, it would be better if there were two extra buttons on the keyboard / mouse for that purpose.
And, also, what if Shift + Copy = Move, and Ctrl + Copy = Cut?!?
ctrl while moving a file is already copy, just moving a file is already cut, and alt while moving a file is link. makes life easier.
This is a horrible idea further un-educating a society that is already moving the masses to lazy habits.
This is awesome cause when you are trying to work and finish stuff fast all you do is hilight the stuff and flick the lever at side of keybord
How often do one need to copy and paste that the regular hot keys are not doing it anymore?
Copy on select, paste with middle mouse button... like in X-Window
Learn some keyboard shortcuts and you won't need this extra copy/paste knob...
What we do need is a good highlighting button
ya know, it's not all that hard to go cntrl, c or cntrl, v. Honestly.
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