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Trust me I'm an Aerospace Engineer. Via reddit. 
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steampunk rocketman, not engineer  
How do you generate buoyant force if the wigs are covered with engines? Its would be very fast on the runway but not lift off!
Main body is just hollow tube full of fuel. :-)
lei fan
hahaha, this can be done in the future.
High thrust to drag ratio
+Patrick Armstrong It could be one of those one way mirror kind of windows they can make. I seen some with pictures and almost anything now. 
It couldn't be real thought because it would burn all the fuel just taking off. lol But it looks neat. 
How 2 nevigated ? By what !
i suspect for my image i would not like a jet with out windows, How would i wave the minions lol 
Cos'è la nuova Ferrari del celo?
They have right of som engine failure.
Not anymore a problem ;O)
Far far too much engine power with no way to see out or steer...
... but the weight would be fine right?
Jim hi
And it's out of gas...
whats in the fuselage, just fuel? lol
est ce que les ailes vont arrachées...???
Are they sure that it can fly ? i find it so heavy 
Would you rather plow the field with two strong oxen, or a herd of tethered chickens? 
hey.....what about its take off, this much engines will prevent it to fly in the air. no buoyancy no flight.....
+Heinrich Hartmann it doesn't need lift — that many engines generate so many pounds of thrust it can take off straight up like a rocket.
Looks like something you'll see in a vodka commercial. 
Wbhat the fu....

What the fu... I like it
trust me.... there are not enough!
I have one in my backyard...the 2013 G86
Why no engine on the nose? Seems like an obvious place for one.
Ok so i have no reason to be late to get to california on time, like in a couple of minutes ok. Of course my throwing up sistuation will eventually catch up.because of the speed of the plane.
I got a fever, and the cure is MORE ENGINES!
eh... it "looks" cool as fk... but, let's see hur "in the sky"... and wht about the "windows"? do u not care about people's visions too? unless... they can "see out" but not "in"...  other than that... it looks fly now let's see it fly...
I've about building in systems redundancy to ensure safety but this is a little extreme. Maybe some are wind turbines.
Built for the times when the captain ask for more power.
the engines are too  heavy for the wing...looks great on photoshop
Rob C
And I would be terrified gettin on that thing lmao. Speaking of to infinity and beyond lol
My logical brain say's "it just wont work" but my creative brain say's "i want two of those, make one red" 
new drone? it will fly in a circle (more engines on the left wing than right), but it will do it looking pretty.
very curious want to know more about it ?superb!!!!!!1
I am safe on that bad boy :)
For everyone who says it won't fly...if you push anything fast nough, you cn get it to fly. At leeast until you stop pushing. ;)
Need external fuel tanks.. xD
Flying fast ... and Blind :P
Wow, from China to US in 30 mins. hahahahh
But it sure does make me wonder about planes in year 3099.
too bad it can only carry 15 minutes worth of fuel
Well if and engine fails you got plenty more
My father-in-law worked for them for quite some time, and concidering all the sugary snacks involved in most of his stories - this looks to be about right. 
Will never fly.
Aerodynamically flawed.
Engines are placed under the wing for a reason.
If you have enough engines you don't need wings
But if you have that many engines where will you put the fuel tanks?
Bit of a photo flaw...the right wing doesn't have the same amount of engines as the left wing...xD
is that the upcoming" TECH"
WOW that many engines on the right wing...waht about the left? Isn't it going to twist alot?
Flocks of birds, beware!  ha ha ha
That design is actually sense less than it looks,I mean firstly,How will it turn its wings,secondly,the 2 jets above its tail fin will give it a downward thrust,only thing which is applusable is the 3D model. 
I wonder how much Thorium a regular plane, like the A380, would use on a regular flight, had that been the fuel for it?

They say Thorium is about a million times more energetic than oil, and the A380 burns a little over 100 tons, or 100000 kilo on a flight, so a normal flight would consume 100g of Thorium?

At less than $100 a kilo, that's a fuel bill I can get behind :P
To much time on your hands. for real now!
In response to Dhruv Puri...what do you mean by "How will it turn its wings"?  
I think my fear of flying is returning.... 
PH Lee
Too many to fly
I know look design some fun  engine 20 on plane will too fast away  and feul fast down out  and too heavier crazy down crash  plane :(
You should have seen some of the planes I built out of Lego when I was a kid on vacation in Spain.

The planes flew over the apartments on approach to Malaga airport, and still hadn't lowered their wheels. I wasn't old enough to realize that they came out of the plane, so I was terrified and overcompensated by putting ass many wheels on the planed as I possibly could :)

I was only 5.
Great. Where are the gas container to feed all those engines?
It looks like it will eat more fuel than it can carry.
+Dwight Jones Add to that the cost. Engines are already a fair percentage of the overall cost of a plane. I think this is why neither the 777 or the 787 have 4 engines.
It seems like the back wing only has one row of engines. How do you expect it to work? Lol. In all seriousness though. FAIL 
Ride? no! no! you are mistaken thats just the gas tank
Love it! Fuel efficient...I bet. New York to Paris before the drinks are served?! I'll take two!
Looks like something from Kerbal Space Program
i think we can rotate earth within 5 hrs through this fighter
and how do u know that? right now it "looks" good... but, there is no proof it can fly...why bother? because the BEAU TY of being "on top" of the clouds is an A MAZE ING! view that shouldn't be left out... unless you are saying that I'm not gonna have time... because from take off to landing I'll be at my destination?
unless you want to kill 250 people with this photoshoped aircraft be my guest but its not my fault because im warning you all now its deadly and pointless to make this possable
they might be "light"... just because it looks heavy don't mean it is...
Im a astronaut.want me to fly it? Haha
and how much fuel would one need? and where would the fuel go?
that's okay I'll walk
Hey, at least you could have five flame out and 20 left.
I a was this mans engineering professor, I can confirm he is an aerospace engineer.
Aaron K
To hold the engines I'm guessing
wouldn't want to stand behind that, or even under that when it's it the air.
It may go fast; however, they can't see where they are going.....
wowww lovely amazing love to fucking fly a way man....really 
Speed neh?i just hate the word nowadays,i used to think travelling at a 800ks or more per hour was cool,on a jet that is.than this guy +Chris Hadfield says he goes around the world in 92min,that is only double the time it takes a jet to get to Durban from about sh* plane though
You can't create lift without a wing surface that allows for air to pass across it.
Blindingly fast, which is why they don't need a window in the cockpit.
Would that be strong enough, and NOT explode from high thrust, etc???
hw amazing...with wht is this made of?
hw amazing...!.with wht is this made of?
Uhh... I think the guy missed a spot... Another engine where the pilot should be sitting.
So... would the gas for all those engines be stored in the ENTIRE body of the craft? :)
lol....actually there is no enough set up engine.....pilot can sit the bck riding a horse,...
Thats the stupidest thing ever..
who got the silver surfer a new ride.
more emportently wheres the door and windows it could be a drone guys
I think when more than 50% of the wing airfoil is engine cowling it ceases to be a plane and becomes just a rocket.
May be you are an engineer, but certainly not a designer. 
theres still room for three more engines on each wing!
Going for vertical take-off capabilities!
Ah... The Tim Taylor school of design (More Power!) :-) 
Work on magnetic field theory propulsion instead of jet engine propulsion and you can do without all those engines and make it safer!! 
No way I would get on that thing !!! 
Consider the F4 Phantom of Vietnam era... there is proof positive that if you give it enough power, you can make a brick fly. [grin]
I can use my x-ray eyes to pilot it.
Those engines would cause too much drag at higher speeds. Attach a single X-15 right under the cockpit and you would probably have something faster. 
Unless this is an all electric I don't see it flying long unless made for a single passenger.
Cool....... so many engines. Wanna use it to get through the outspace
If you did fly this, you would have to wear superhero stretch tights.
It looks cool but the only thing it would do is 0 - 60 in .5 sec but if you could put a few in line with a real small exhaust port what kind of boost could you get . Maybe even add some side pipes 
I dont see the rudder as being very reactive but still the raw power
I think this plane designer or engineer wants to put engine every where on the plane, I have please also add 3 engines to landing gears, if all fail, then these will help):
Kody Wu
Nvm the number of engines but how does the pilot see where to go
Would be kewl to see it takeoff and blowup
Holds enough fuel for a 10-15 minute flight, if that.
Seriously l m not going to see this in my life time!!! Not even my Children or my Great great Grand children will see this....:-(
Imagine how many birds you could suck in with that thing! 
Funny , what pilot would be insane enough to fly it remotely or in-person ,if its flown by a computer (which right now does not have enough power to control something like that) then what would happen if it crashes? or it cuts out for some other reason.Flying death trap and i am happy i will not be alive to see it
well mr. engineer.. if you only thrust with the two fuselage and two of the wing engines it would take off...
No plane can carry fuel for all those engines... You would need to fill the entire plane full of fule to run the plane for 30 minutes
it still would take off! and fly even it for only 5 min,s you,re still wrong!
Sin ventanas!!! Que claustrofobia!!!
brute force, and excellent fuel mileage
No windows!!! = claustrofobia!!!
So the wings and the tail fly by themselves, leaving the body on the ground, eh? lol
windscreen and wings are missing. it can notttttttttttttttttt flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
No drone would be controllable if it had all those engines , drones are supposed to be light and fast
"We lost an engine!"  
"Thanks, no problem!"
Good german name are you over achiever or suicidal family trait aren't you
missing a U reuh?
that is an awesome ride man wish i culd hav one but don't got any money
I must show this to my power plant colleagues.
sounds good gtg schools out
Needs more engines and a coupla SRBs.
Gas will finish in 10 minutes. Temperature global will up 0.001C.
No windows. Must be very aerodynamic. Makes up for all the drag those engines generate.
This couldn't do any worse Han Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.
It looks like a R/C jet.
were is da ppl that gona ride is it ur M()M()
It looks like engine overkill!
kaleb b
Even if its real the Pearson dint do much he/she just put extra blades on it and made it have a reflection 
Looks like an ordinary Kerbal Space Program aircraft :D
i trust you're one of the boys from up stairs over achiever not just any
one fromthe plant bet
Good for model plane, but unrealistic 
Shawn L
Zero nautical miles per gallon, that is ridiculous the wings would tear off just from the thrust.
looks like a death wish to me how can you drive it unless its a model then that a good model
Paul Burke I meant unrealistic in reality
couldnt even fly cause it has no real wings
It has wings but overloaded with engines
Trust me I'm an Aeronautical Engineer; this ugliness is practically super-dumb xD
anyways u would go way to fast
Ryan Ng
Trust me this plane is going to fail.
People hook me with a flat monitor☹.anyone hum cn help
it's very artistic!!! = es muy artistico
wow! there are so many engine there. fantastic
can we turn letf or right with that tail?
ha neither it just flies straight
Where is the cockpit: you can put it somewhere on the top
would never work. why? because all those engines disrupt airflow over the wings. and having more engines doesn't necesarily mean faster. way to much drag for that.
no windows... must be an apple product
Fast Airplane I bet.....5,000 MPH or better?
wait, is this autopilot, where are the windows?
I'm probably so old that I can't even get what's "cool" in this image...and I'm 30.
Transparent from Star Trek movie, Return to Earth to save the Whales.
Where wil they keep all the fuel required for all those engines toburn up.  Maybe throw out the passengers.
Wings are probably just to mount the engines.  With enough thrust the usual method of lift isn't necessary.  And there aren't windows because it's a prototype.
As an aircraft technician I would love (not) to service the oils on those engines. That is the only reason we love engineers. 
So the fuselage just carries fuel? No payload? hahaha!
No..It's Just a Design...
It will do Mach 5.  Unfortunately the fuel runs out at Mach 3.
Can you say blow dryer? 
Screw the engines. There isn't a Window. Fail! 
What is it that this plane is suppose to do? I'm no expert but something seems fishy.
Lots of parts. Each part effects quality measurement. More parts, more non-defective parts. Measurements go up!
Use this to circle around the world and then back in time
Interesting design for a vehicle designed to break the land speed record.
If the plane was driven by many smaller engines wouldn't that mean the plan could change the thrust of each engine individually to save power. Also if an engine failed you would have many more you rely on? 
No windows. How does anyone see what is outside of the craft? Is it operated by remote? Can't see this being used for any kind of travel by humans!
So many engine and no window?is it a drone?
A jet engine mechanic's worst nightmare 
No wonder pple say they see ufo's in the skys.
i don't think that planes fuel capacity would allow for that many engines... unless the plane is just a flying fuel tank...
even if it was a flying fuel tank, it wouldn't run that many engines
Grant L
This is why we have the Kerbal Space Program.
To Sabu Manik: You find this superb? How so? Looks like a futuristic space craft with no way to see where it goes,therefore is a danger in flight!
Does anyone see that this is a design for a major bomb? 11 engines on this plane? It would most likely crash before it could take off! Don't have to be a "rocket scientist" to see this!!!!
Does it fly?
People, stop saying wow, Waa, or anything like that. Think scientifically, and logically. First of all, we won't need that much engines, because it would weigh down the aircraft and the speed won't change that much. And we won't have the money to feed oils to that many engines. Like we had to shut down Concorde for that reason, and imagine what's going to happen to this planes here.
I bet the entire crew of Nasa's top scientist was working on this and they focused so much on the speed and aerodynamics that they forgot to put a place for the pilot
it has more jets on one side then it does on the other
where's the big wings to facilitate these big arse engines to run>? lol
To bad you can't get inside it. They forgot to add the doors.
It won't even be able to hold enough fuel to support those jets. 
too heavy with those jets):
Awsome... Can I place order private jets from you. Ha ha ha
I gotta get one of this.!
Mars and back to earth my good friend :-)
Hhahaha.......just the wing and the jet machine Will fly, the body stay away on runaway.......
This vehicle will not fly... probably move pretty fast though.
how would you see and how would you get in
fuel loss will be extreme and a danger for landing
well that might get you from A=toB
Stefan F.
Theory: anything will fly if you put enough thrust to it.
Neither should a bumble bee, put that through your computer simulation Mr. Engineer.
that might fly-but just to the nearest gas station.
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it looks way too heavy to fly
mmmmh,i don't give it alot of credit that it flies or really exzist
looking a way to get into it, but i can't.about design its awesome.
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