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The Ktrak is a patented wheel system that turns a mountain bike into a pedal-powered snow machine and all terrain vehicle. Created by Kyle Reeves, the biking innovation is a kit that can attach to the rear of any mountain bike. It creates traction on previously ‘unridable’ surfaces such as snow or sand, turning your bike into a snow or sand plough.

Read more about history of this invention: 
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Peter Day
Dear Santa,please can you deliver snow before the above present!! :-)
lean n keep pedalling :-)
...i don't have any words to describe how amazing that is...
If the front hit's a stone or hard snow lump it looks like the back of the bike will shoot up sending you over the handle bars
Why not post a video of this snow mobile?
this was on dragons den and they turned it down
Apparently it costs $450 and weighs 27 lbs. It looks good but all the reviews I've read by people who have had one say it needs a few mods and frequent repairs.
I'll wait until it's perfected.
When you absolutely, positively need to get there no matter what the weather! Pretty cool though.
Now I know what I want for Christmas. :-)))
now it just needs a motor!!!!!!!!
Leo Lee
Florida needs that bike for nothing, but show off.
the front wont work very well for turning! it don't look like it has a traction rail! if it does then great but if not
the front will be all over the place and most likely will do a face plant trying to turn!! but over all cool bike good jod!
Nifty piece of work. ..a very good idea swell at least for some easteuropean country's with small city streets. For example Sweden and Poland and Estonia. ..just to name a few.If they can be manufactured at a reasonable cost.This invention will make someone filthy rich...and the dragons can keep freezing their Larsen of in their den:D
yo thats sooooo cool i want a go on that thing
Ooh, that's nifty! Pity it doesn't snow enough here to make it useful.
I would say that a standard mountain bike with studded tyres would perform as well if not better, particularly in mixed conditions. That thing is going to stop dead if it hits an area where the snow has melted away.
cool... i have a bike and skies but not that
that's a piece of technique I could actually use this week :-)
Brian G
reminds me of the movie Better Off Dead. "I want my two dollars"
A metal studded front tire/wheel might be superior to a ski for navigation. 
The paper boy in the movie Better off Dead could've used that bike. "I want my two dollars".
Mikey D
I need that right now
gud.... !dea.........!!!
albutham........ thanne..........!!!
Not sure how it would handle on down hill bumpy turns
Major problem, losing grip on front wheel?? There is still a balance problem regardless. 
otis elevotor controler
Very Kool!, love to try that out
I bet you can't do bunny hops on it
That's cool. But is it functional,nice job if you have total control while riding on it.
Wow... Simple yet effective that is efficiency :D
Not useful for all days of year
I wish it snowed in Texas. That would be cool. 
That so cool wish I had one when I was a kid 
i want to drive it...looking well
Need a head to head comparison with bikes with spiked tired, but commuters have been doing that for decades. 
My Daughter said, "um.... Do they sell those for little kids? ... In pink." :)
It's amazing! Great stuff for nordic countries, fuel can finish, muscle power is much stable. 
You can buy Steel studded ice tyres for mountain bikes, prob alot cheaper and more sturdy than this.
i dont know what that is but i want it!!!!!:)
This would be awesome for an Iowa winter, granted we even GET any snow this year. 
It looks like the company site is dead. 
Good for going in a straight line, that's about it :-) 
Matt L
Ah the Minnesota winter bike lol
+Chris Nieves, if we got more snow around here, I'd love to try it out! Cool! 
can someone pls update me on what is going on here...cos ah cnt comprehend!
+***** not much use for this where I live, but maybe useful to you? :-) 
Lol too bad only get snow once a year every other year.
Created just in time for global warming to make snow obsolete!
yeah is cool and awesome is very useful since it has two properties...1) the back tires look like the tire of tank(in army) to move on different surface of ground...2) the front tire look likes the ski on the cold to move and at the same time the rider can swipe any form of frontal ice away.......yeah...this is my opinion ...give more suggestion if about this bicycle because it seems very unpredictable and incredible invention...keep inventing the inventors..i hope so...
Best engineering I've seen in years! Love it i want one 
Looking awesome I love to try it. .......!!!!
Better engineering than similar things that I saw and used in mid '70's but not new or revolutionary
I would think just adding the back setup to a regular bike would be superior. Adding the ski would take away from the setup. 
Wow that is crazy. Too bad we get a ton of ice here. Might not want to venture out on ice even with this beast. 
Dat will be so much easier to go to school on snow 
it only really works on roads, still has the problem of sinking in any time of deep snow
Thats pretty cool. Maybe put a ski in the front. Might go faster and handle better.
I remember a moped kit like this. It had a smaller track than this. This look much better.
Always great to see ingenuity sparking up our lives. Living outside the box is much livelier. How can I join this circle?
Best christmas ever ;-)
I luv bike riding in the winter. Now the snow won't stop me.
I bet i could make one too bad it doesnt snow here in san francisco bay!!!
Is that cycle just an idea ? 
We used to fashion similar (not nearly as sophisticated) transport out of old bikes and broken skies in the farming communities south of Winnipeg, years ago. This is the shit... I think the track needs to be a bit wider!!!
I bet it has an awesome turning radius.  To turn the handle is merely an indication of one's true intentions.  The results of intending to turn, is merely a loss of equilibrium.  Faceplant.
The problem with all these patents in America is they don't even work, and most of them are stupid ass ideas...cause I'm sure some guy already patent teleportation even though we are 100s of years from that!!!!
Forget about it dear Santa.
I'm gonna get that nice thing myself!!!!
Being a MT. Biker I can see how well this
can work ! I have biked in snow and ice in the winter with
regular bike tires with steel screw and studded type tires.
The problem is traction and putting that much more surface
of that track  on the ground would work so much better !

I am very interested in this as I love getting outside in the
winter like the snowmobiles do with no noise too !
Want one what an awsum bit of kit slight error tho I need snow
Looks like it will go just about any where 
Um.  might be ok for flat, but I do NOT want to try to turn that thing on a downhill slope.  Insta-faceplant.
hell yeah that just looks like fun i want one
... ever heard of a snowbike?
They make tires with studs, intended for snow.  This invention is stupid.
Once again, this invention has no turning capabilities because of it's bike geometry.  The front fork is too heavy because of the weight of the rider.  It will not turn.  Ever. 
Real riders, who live where weather actually exists, know that snow tires are the best solution.
I think a two ski solution in the front makes more sense and would be more stable. 
chill  withb  the  language  maan   he  already  knows
The bottom surface of the ski, attached to the front fork, is smooth, to minimize friction.  To ski, is to allow gravity to pull you down the hill, and the ski's allow that by minimizing friction on the snow.  The back wheel has a different purpose than the ski thing in the front.  I live in Santa Barbara, and I know this bike is worthless.
Might be a good reason to get a mountain bike...
Sadly, I only see this gaining traction with a very niche market. ;p
That would be a good skibycicle for me right now :P
As somebody cycles to work 5 days a week do I want to cycle on snow with this eh no kerbs potholes no thanks
That is better than Santa's car!!
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Dear Santa...Hey, gimme some more leg muscle to pedal it and you know it wouldn't be a bad idea if you started riding one!
I'll never need this were I live but that is still one badass bike. 
Can do wheelies easy? looks like it could use little mod
Innovation at it's best
Considering the importance of front wheel traction required for a bike in safe operation I'd be leery of riding that thing anywhere near the speed of a regular bike.
Now that's what u call a hardcore workout
i want to watch a video of this i doubt the capability of this thing. I need a bike. that is faster than an avalanche..the front is ridiculous its like i have to iron first the snow for the wheel, and ughh is that really a wheel? its a big gear for me. 
I want to see this with a brushless hub motor and a battery! :-)
You will look silly on this id melt fast than snow if somebody caught me using this lol
Is it a bike? Is it a human powered snowmobile? No one knows!.........
I want it but live on the beach so i might not get to use it
Yup this was on Dragons Den in Canada.
I need this today! The snow plow was stuck on our street this morning. :) 
no fair u get snow. our place is just rainy and cold
that is awesome, but all we got here is rain
essa e boa pro papai noel da uma imagrecida
That the funnest thing that i have ever seen.
Awesome! If only the UK had enough snow to warrant one! 
Seems to me that this might be kind of dangerous turning. Maybe make a dual skid in the front that can act similar to those can-am motorcycles or snowmobiles?
Ah I want one! We don't even get snow here but it looks that cool!
Would be great in Finland 
Bikes don't need you to be constantly peddling. This does. Not sure how this is better than walking.
I think it's a good start of an idea. However, it's only going to evolve into what we already have- ATVs (snow mobiles and 4-wheelers). Think about it. In rough areas such as snow, dirt, mud, and gravel, to even move you first need balance. Balance comes in 2 forms on machines- 3+ wheels to work or haul and 2 wheels for speedy transportation only. Anything with 2 wheels will topple over without speed. With that being said, aside from going downhill, how will the rider gain speed in rough terrain with this invention?
Not to mention, this invention is intended for snow. But, all snow has different thickness and density due to the temperature and atmosphere. Again, I think this would be a good start maybe for recreation or exercise. But, there are a lot to take into consideration when being creative. I wish you the best of luck with this. If it becomes successsfully productive, I will most certainly buy one.
Come to think of it, you wouldn't need the back part to come downhill. And, it wuld be hell going uphill. You'd be better off walking the incline. Wow! Now that I think of it, this invention's purpose is completely contradicted by the lack of actions for which it was created.
perfect michigan winter cross country bike let the snow fall begin
don't see the point in it you would have a hard time riding that in sand or snow just need to make snow tires for mountain bikes 
I would like something like this....but I live in Texas!
could have used that today, 4 inches of snow
What!!!! Plz send a video to youtube or something
new invention~people will know u after macmilan
Ben XO
like a boss!!!
We get snow once or twice every two years but I still want one 
D Bhatt
Awesome I need one perfect for me in Canada
very good wish i add one up leeds 
soooooooo cool and intresting
Damn! I need this for beach riding on Padre =-)! 
Innovation.. Engineering speaks..
thanks for improving my invention...
Look good, but no good.  Seen versions over the years, and they have a vary narrow band of conditions you can use them in.  Snow cant be too deep or too thin.  Better off with skis, snowshoes, bike with spikes, or my favourite......a gas-guzzling, snowmachine.
Will you for the life of LOVE PLEASE let our son call me...
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