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I used to type in scripts at a Pharmacy, and it isn't too far off.  Especially doctor's writing in sig!
this made me laugh SO HARD. as a doctor's son... and a frequent patient. FUNNY
My husband says I'm destined to succeed in becoming a doctor, he can by my signature. 
I never understand what my doctor writes. Especially on the pill jars.
This is stupid but funny and based on truths.

Les perdono esa caligrafía del demonio que tienen los doc, todo porque salvan vidas, porque sino... 
This font is well known to Doctors, although we try to make them look more alike than these.
Of course the lower case for all letters is a slightly wiggly horizontal line.
In reality of course, we write flat out out for 6 years in lectures and only we have to read it. The faster we write, the more we retain. Then suddenly we have to write for others, legibly.  Most of us can't cope...
Point taken, but... From experience, I'd agree with +Peter Terren; slightly wiggly line for all lower case letters.  This font requires entirely too many pen loops to be realistic.  Speed is the goal, so one pass of the pen is all any letter is allotted.  

In reality, interpretation depends entirely upon identifying one or two spiky letters (T, X and N are usually good candidates) and then extrapolating all translation possibilities based upon the number of wiggles (aka letters) and comparing it with your knowledge of the patient.
Can I use this to sign for my own prescriptions?
The interesting thing is that it is a cross cultural phenomenon :)
Thingy guy, you never tried to read your doctor's handwriting, did you?
thingy guy is the doctor! love always tel x
כתיבה תמה לרופאים
all alphabets seems to be same...  :D
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