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Lit Motors' C-1, a fully-electric, fully-enclosed, self-balancing motorcycle.
It's a two-passenger electric motorbike that uses an electronically-controlled gyroscopic stabilizing system to stay upright when stopped, or even when struck from the side in an accident.The vehicle will incorporate electric hub motors in both wheels. The top speed should be at least 120 mph (193 km/h) , with driving range for the higher-end model expected to sit at around 150 to 220 miles (241 to 354 km) per charge.Industrial/automotive designer Daniel Kim.
C-1 fully-enclosed self-balancing motorcycle
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Nice spin around. But fair play it is a great looking bit of kit. And far better than the original C5.
Oz Warren
It's probably still going to be a minority vehicle among motorcyclists. Who wants to sit in a warm, enclosed space, away from the wind and the rain?
+Ladders-Online You could see smile from the begining.But i agree with Your words...i didn't know about Sinclair C5 before You words. But after search before my first comment i knew everything about all C5 in the world... ( :
Kinda takes away the badassness of a motorcycle.. But it's a good day to day transpo.. 
+Oz Warren I can only think of a group of parents agreeing on using it, and avoiding getting wet and messy. For me, it looks interesting to be driven and I'm lured to get one for myself (someday.... -_-)
this is a really cool car, i would love to have one...
Add solar charging to the roof panel and I'll take 2!
+Michelle Helen Sure. Why not? Driving and charging simultaneously sounds a great idea, and I think you're aware that it's going to add more to the net cost of the vehicle, right?
Hahahahaaa.....nice touch, using the Nissan Leaf in the collision
It may reduce pollution and traffic a lot
I wonder how easy it would be to corner on it since it keeps righting itself. Hmmm...
Hahaha, Yeah... somehow Nissan is always involved in accidents
C'mon, it is 100-year old thing with some pretty ugly white case on top of it, which makes me paranoid, thinking "What if gyroscope will stop workin and how do I convert in one millisecond this thingy to just a regular bike getting rid of that enclosement?".

Here how it was a century before:
i think BMW build somethin' like this years ago...called it C1 or somethin' ....didn't get much response back then...
I am interested in more test info, getting hit by a car would not just cause you to move sideways, I think a large dent meaning your body would be badly damaged, I cannot imagine that small of a cycle being able to handle a car moving over 20 MPH, whithout serious damage to you and cycle.
if this works it will be amazing!
That is very interesting. Not sure I'd want one, but interesting. Might reduce traffic congestion and make is safer for us motorcycle riders.
I'd take one. Just not sure if I would want to adjust it or not. On the one hand I can see keeping it a two-seater for my significant other or if I just convert it to a 1 seat and have the spare room as "trunk space" (for lack of a better description off the top of my head).
Freedom of riding, gone. Wind in the face, gone. Feeling the temperature, gone. All the scents, gone. I hope they don't call that thing a bike. Ouch, got to crank up my Harley to get that out of my head now. Insane. :D
I would still wear a helmet. this is a sort of Segue technology with the wheels the other configuration. Now how about Google develop a self driving system.
If it does work. It could save a couple of life. I'll sacrifice my freedom to ride to keep my freedom to live.
That is soo cool! But it takes the point of getting the wind through your hair :-)
no, they have the technology josh, this thing most likely works!! i wannntttt one:)
coooool...... a bike for the oldies.......and grls too
Fenix A
I am down for one of those...
I would like to see it in the real world and in a parking lot with good and bad drivers
but what about the other car ?????? :P
+Josh Brock dont be such a critic, they havent even made a prototype yet, and they have 2 years to work on safety, its gonna work....and +nimin on ha i know girls that ride and they are tougher than some guys! i own a harley davidson myself!
i do not think that is real but it looks super cool
very nice .. what would the drag be? 0.2? With the aerodynamic like this bike should get like 100mpg!
id rather be in an old chevy to tell the truth
wow looks good for beating jams. i wonder how the power consumption is
I don't think a fly-wheel can generate enough g force to stand up after such a crash.
technics only made by our mechanical engineers.... mechanical engineerss rockss..
that's darn hot and i want one, puhleeze!
Rs Prim
Price Tag Pls
fantastic.. about time..COST????
The point is probably not getting wet when it's raining.
Certainly an interesting idea. It will probably do well in Europe but I just can't see Americans flocking out to get this one. Too much fixation on the size of vehicles.
That looks interesting, but a classic motorcycle is sexier.
Ed B
and also a fixation of having the motorcycle with open spaces instead of being enclosed.
Looks like TRON is here, can you say LIGHT CYCLE!!!!!!!
It's cool and all but it takes away the thrill of an actual bike. No weather to interact with.. makes me a little sad.
that look's like a car from Trone and that make's it cool ^.^
Didn't mythbusters do a experiment w/ something like this..maybe not as fancy but in the same I agree w/ Sasha..I much prefer a real motorcycle sorry..
Awesome.. Good innovation.
Not really a motorbike... more a motorpod
I don't think it will ever be allowed in the uk same as the segway, not allowed that on the road public areas. Prefer real bikes tho
last time i saw this thing, it was impossible to keep upright at low speeds without fold-down training wheels. i hope the gyro at least helps with that.
Wondering if the energy that's saved over using a car is going to keeping that gyro spinnin
The whole point of a motor bike is to be exposed to the elements and feel the air and speed. I guess the helmet takes a lot of that away but I can not see this catching on.
i want a bike like this it looks like a car :)
Looks cool, but just think what will happen to the jelly in your head if something hits you with at least 40 mph.
now just make them bigger and look like in Akira
No way it gets hit by a car and not flip. I would like to see a real life crash test. Also, How heavy will this be?
What about protection upon impact? Does the balancing aspect prevent the material from shattering? I ride motorcycles and you don't anticipate small bumps like that. Cool Idea though
OMG!!! I WANT ONE SOOOOOO BAAAAAAAD!!! but i dont think that blue car was going fast. so it did not do any damage.
that's a thing. it may be our future.
but i don't thing it is comfortable
i say they stop trying to make bikes so futeristic. i get that it might be safer but think of how long it takes to produce one of those
Hugo C
Around $16,000? not bad for my work commute.
WAAH, WOW, NICE...........................OK
It's a Weeble-Mobile. Weebles wooble, but they don't fall down!
That's amazing! And it kind of reminds me of a South Park episode...
You would think that a car hitting it would send it flying.
Ta da! What a trick. Living in the modern world.
Just curious at what speed did that car crash into this cycle.
yeah cuz i bet a car going 65mph is gonna do more then just bump ibut none the less i think is a big step into figuring out our future trans ways of life
car hits the cycle is a complete fake! I know it was done virtually however the creator could have taken the laws of physics into consideration form of transportation 4 sure!
I want to see what would happen if this cool little "cycle" was hit at 70 MPH by a semi-truck, or have it crash into a wall at 70 MPH. If it stays on it's 2 wheels after either of those scenarios, and not harm the crash dummy in it, I would definitely get one!
hmmm, like the concept but how will it react in wet, wind, sand or snow etc.....or if it gets a punture!!! good luck with it...definately needs solar back up charging thou.
i like this concept, it could be so funi to ride this ....
Final Fantasy VII here we come!
Want ! When and where for how much ? Can anyone tell me pls ?
Any idea if Ener1 is involved in this project? Lithium batter maker. (HEV ticker)
It reminds me of a light bike from tron
Cam Tam
Seeing this, I'm thinking of walking everyday and save money instead of buying a car or some average motorcycle. Then in the future I'll get that awesome-looking thing and be the coolest adult ever.
ok, the people up top saying it had been invented, the "sinclair c5" you're dumb. That A) is a tri (very unstable) and B) has a top speed of 15mph... not 120mph... In my opinion, this thing could be the future if it can take accidents as well as they are thinking it will. Not sure about a 2 person though.. may be a bit tight
It looks terrible, and it's a sure deathtrap if something crushes it, BUT DAMMIT I WANT ONE!
Whoaa, I've dreamed of this for years !
I want this !
Would either be a fun car or a sorry motorcycle, depending on how you look at it. What about a cabriolet version?
Motorcycle with a shell == awesome! But still, safety is still iffy with this guy. Dunno if you're gonna be crumpled in once you get hit on the sides.
weebles wobble but they don't fall down?
Yeah... that crash "simulation" is waaaaaay off, a bike like this has low mass so it will be sent flying off the ground like a football, no chance it will simply stablize back.
Umm.... Yes I would like a Tron-cycle thanks!
it defeats the purpose of biking
i agree that is cool though wow its like a car in a bike
well thought, well design, fit for future I think people will love it.
This is my kinda bike.......futuristic ......fantastic
And it can suspend the laws of can eliminate bodily can fight off evil doers like a superhero all at the same time...and...and... Yea. Right. Can anyone say "Computer Simulation?" How about "Marketing?" And the most appropriate phrase in my opinion: "BS!"
this looks very cool but scary i would not risk riding in that thing lol
I'm confused. How do I cram my big dumb dick in this thing?
This is amazinng wouldn't mind having it but it looks like a kids toy && it should be a two seater(;
Gets cold here on my Yamaha in NM Always thought about something like that.
I want it! I want it! I want it! No vehicle has ever made me say that, til I saw this.
top heavy, not aerodynamic(enough), and I don't really care if half its mass is made up of thousands of gyroscopes, it can fall. This seems like a lazy money-maker more then an innovation.
wow its cool how does it make it stable! gyroscopic stabilizing effect
Amazing hope its actually a functioning invention because a lot of things have malfunctioned before.
Wouldn't it be easier and much cheaper to add training wheels? :)
Prove it works and then i'll be impressed.
Wouldn't these be cool for ice racing on lakes?
Yeah but at what speeds will it continue to stand up when hit from the side? If its hard enough to dent the side i bet your picking yourself up from the pavement if your not dead already.
This has made my day. This is sooooo good. Finally it looks like we on the way to appropriate transportation - truly fantastic.
its awesome !!!!!!!! will it work in the daily life
Sinclair C5 has no relation to this product. Sinclair C5 is a tricycle - this is a motorcycle. SInclair C5 goes 15 mph - this will go 120 mph. Sinclair C5 has an open cockpit - this is fully enclosed. Sinclair C5 did not auto-balance (it's a tricycle after all) - this does. Etc.
I am not thrilled about the doors, however, I can not think of a viable alternate. I have always envisioned a bike to be open. good to see Gyros being used in a capacity that is useful, seriously, why are we not using these fantastic devices more?
I want one so bad! So freaking cool!
ow just color it black with orange or blue neon light strips that run around it and you got your self a tron bike
This byke is not for desert it's just to go in city and have fun at there only .. itwill great a great experience.. trust me!!!!!!
I 'm sure, You won't need a license to ride this bike
Dose it have a cup holder
This thing is cool. Finally the future is starting to creep in.
I can see the warning label already:
CAUTION!: Do not play Daft Punk while operating
Ram K
woooooooooow i like that....................
This is freaking annoying spinning around at the top of my home page.
WTF! This is fantastic... let me have one!B)
Awsome, looks like something out of that willsmith movie. What was it called " ibot " or something. I still am not sure it would stay up if a car hit it, but if so I want one. You will always have a parking spot lol.
Wow amazing, a safer bike, where can I buy it ? Looks like the 1st real bike for non bikers.
har har har this was on cnn student news last YEAR!!! XD (cool, no) well, and the bike itself
i love this bike it is safe and may be quick enough
good for couples also...................
does it come with AC & Heater..?
That is cool just like a motorcycle with doors...
Mythbusters had a concept similar to this. Not as cool, but they actually made it.
its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
evolutionary or just revolutionary?
rok ma
300+ km x hour 2 wheels and noway to run away before falling... uau! hardcore!
rok ma
i just noticed how many wannabe suicidal up here, lol
is it mean there are not accident any more
Subu S
how much does it cost ? much more than a compact car I suppose ??
Subu S
//// 冯坤喜 - is it mean there are not accident any more //// they didn't tell you what happens when it enters a ditch !! ?? did they ?
wonder how much one of these babies costs???
I wonder who will be the first one to "pimp their ride' on this baby??? :)

Hmmm...can you hang tassels off the mirrors and maybe paint it orange and black? :)
just get a car if you are worried about safety
hey, if you play it safe your whole life, what fun is that? Just have FAITH.
Nice but what happen to the guy inside this motocycle? The application of momentun conservation law
NO need of HELMETS...........
What a great creativity. It is cool, ans will make wave - it will sell, especially in my country. 
i would so love to drive one of these
looks kinda like the Tron bike xD
I think that the technology could make this design possible. I think this would be a great idea for a motor vehicle.
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