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You may use Extension for Chrome G+Photo Zoom
What could You to add ?
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le falta una cafetera, pero los pedales copy paste son la buena.
WE may use Extension for Chrome G+Photo Zoom
What does a blinking cam do?
I realized the seat is combined with the toilet. Where's the sink¿?
Water? You plumb a tap into your computer desk and use it for water? You need hot and cold taps: coffee and beer.
Would you look at that - haven't seen a CRT monitor in a while! Funny that you're sitting on a toilet, yet there is also a urinal on the side of the desk. And with all the bodily functions going on at this computer station, I would lose the webcam.

P.S. What does "the lethat combination Antivirus" mean? Or "Mirror to as if someone is coming towards you"?
I think the problem with this, is that it was designed by someone who is not a nerd.
Who would want a mobile phone in a mouse? I'd rather have a mobile phone holder, just like the cup holder. :P
I can't think of a better way to stay plugged into the Matrix
Anyone else reminded of Idiocracy?
we have some time to play ... loose fitted will non stop time
obviously this is just a prototype in need of some fine-tuning. Beta version of the 'perfect' computer if you will...
Doesn't plug-in slow down the browsers j/s :)
Yes indeed! so after sitting and snacking I could get a quick workout in.. Then back to Google+ and Pinterest!
This looks like MY computer!!
I'm not Joker, i'm the real-"boy" or clown. I can change my mind. And, shut up pls. I tried to be a tired
change the water to espresso and the urinal to a stock ticker or something useful (since there is a toilet) and i'm sold
Replace the old fashion toilet with a modern made in Japan recliner w/heated and cooled deep tissue shiatsu massage Italian leather temperpedic memory foam cushioned toilet... badae optional (for those gamers that can't waste a minute to wipe their rears)
The perfect computer or the perfect toilet?
Well my bathroom has a laptop table by the toilet, and a mini fridge under the sink (to hold beer, soda and such) use your imagination...
Great place to be when you have diarrea or constepated... or just use them as an excuse to avoid the "chatty" folks in your life....
"Serenity now!...."
Oh wait I see the toilet now but then why do you need a urinal?
Wait... so more than one person uses this computer?!?!? Argh, I am SO bringing toilet covers!
Hey um +Pie Gurlie
As you can see no sink and soap either....
Bring the hand sanitizer and lysol too...lmfao
heh, the toilet paper is probably there for more than one reason...
You'd need some sort of microwave... That way, keep TV dinners in the fridge/freezer combo & you'll never have to move~! XD
Ruba Sr
liked the cory-paste "control"
I would want a microwave and a cushioned seat!
Danny T
put all of this inside of a car, with heating and AC and THEN its perfect
The toilet would not flush, the outlet from the cistern is lower than the rim of the toilet seat. And a sink shortage really is a bit yuck :/
remove the toilet and its great
should have hand sanitizer dispenser.
looks like the computer that Homer Simpson would design
whats up peeps? lm quite the rookie at this online stuff. any suggestions?
really compr. illiterate want to meet cool people that can educate this ole' peckerwood....
Copy & Paste....LOL...
Wan Eka
my bad fellas. like l said lm all new at this. lve been away for awhile. first dial in my profile. then music
There are paddles for 'copy' and 'paste' but there is no paddle for 'cut'.
Isn’t the urinal on the side redundant? (Perhaps a fail-safe?) Also, where is the personal fan to help keep from overheating when playing those enthralling; enervating and/or enfeebling games? Not to mention that a fan could be useful when doing your taxes…
I think most people would ask for built in tissue box and lotion dispenser. lol
I would add a bread box, and lots o makeup
You know... i think i want to make this a reality
el toilet y los pedales son el mejor toque
Wan Eka
wow.....perfect computer....
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