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78 | QUOTE • QUESTION • Who invented the light bulb ?
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Also Tesla would be better known, and no doubt Edison be considered for the fake he is.
If it weren't for Tesla, we'd be fumbling around with DC. Gross!
And even if we don't count Tesla, it's just SO likely that if person A hadn't existed, noone else would've ever invented anything in that area. Everything would've remained exactly as it were. Right.
...or down a completely different, and not necessarily worse road.
Actually, if it wasn't for Edison or Tesla, somebody else would have figured it out by now.

Now, if it weren't for people with the kind of genius these two had, then yes, we'd be actually not even with candlelight. We'd be tending the fire of the last lightning.
stupid quote... if it weren't for edison, it would have been tesla, and if it wouldn't have been telsa it would have been someone else.
There were something like 20 inventors of the incandescent light bulb before Edison - his contribution was refining it to make it work long enough to be practical.
Edison was largely a fraud and certainly a monster by ethical standards. I wish more people would recognize all the harm he did and realize how far we DIDN'T go during that time due to his unethical practices.
+Fernando Silva Steve Jobs didn't invent the Computer, MP3 player, or the tablet, he made them BETTER but had NO part in inventing them.
Also perhaps Tesla wouldn't have been forced to die without money or any recognition, Edison destroyed him.
ahh, hacks, cheats and theifs. if your not cheating your not trying hard enough, am i right. yeah :P
oops, somebody switched the i and e! damn them
Edison destroyed many of his contemporaries, Tesla being probably the biggest loss. Where would we be today if Edison had credited and worked with Tesla instead of stealing from him and destroying him? Some day I'd love to write a correct biography of Edison detailing all his crimes... but alas, no one wants to hear it!
If there weren't bees at that time,there where no candles,now there are almost no bees,and a lot of candles and tv's....!
Ow there is romance in/on the air......yeahyeahyeah!!!
if not for Edison there wouldnt be TV...
seriously who the fuck needs tv?! NO firefly but all the jersey shore you need to make yourself permanently retarded. keep your stupid tv.
I bet +TECHNICS ► just thought this was an ironic joke... nothing to see here, move along! ;)
funny how it somehow turned into tesla vrs. edison. goddamn
Definitely funny considering if one looks even further into the OP, it can be perceived as a cheeky stab at Edison in the first place.
No, I don't. It was for Tesla.
screw edison, nicola tesla is the name you are searching for...
And if it wasn't for corporate greed, Tesla would have finished his westinghouse tower and we wouldn't be walking around with smart phones that you need to charge every day, they would just work, anywhere, anytime.
if it weren't for edison we most likely have black and white tvs still
wow, does anybody read the fucking comment all the way through before replying? the dude said steve DIDN'T invent any of them. He made them 10000 times better than they were previously. And you have to be a fuckhead dickhole to the 'board' guys with the money, to get that kinda shit done in this fucked world. no, apple didn't invent anything. But they are outselling all the other companies in EVERYTHING. that's what's up
why, your watching it for me obviously ;)
TV couldn't of been invented without lightbulb technology.
well, actually, there would most likely be another guy who would have eventually invented it. it's like saying without g. Washington, america wouldn't exist.
omar is right, edison is not special. with tesla putting in the work, the bulb, tv, computer toaster and fridge all would have been invented eventually. LIke saying god is responsible for it, pAAAlease
Interesting irony. Edison much like Westinghouse was a very greedy bastard, mostly businessmen. I've never really seen Edison as a utopian type of visionary scientist. He comes off to me like any other entrepreneur trying to snub out the competition. Think about it, you would too if given a chance. That's why companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, 3M, Toyota, Novo-Nordisk, Alcon, and so on and so forth are they way they are. I think the light bulb and the mechanism for making it work would have been discovered, the equations for visual irradiance and electromagnetism existed far before Edison or Tesla. As many people have commented, someone else would have innovated. In another sense posts like these are absolutely baseless.
which of course, doesn't matter at all when considering Eric Bravicks comment. cause it was probably a joke anyways
If Edison would not have done it Tesla would have done it and he would have done it better. Oh snap! Did I say that?
Aaron A
We might lid our room with TV lights . . . Not candle lights . . .
yay, tv lights. when insomniacs can't sleep but want to bore themselves to fucking death. I'll take candles, just in case jersey shore or real world comes on.
oops, looks like strikers gonna be on my ass again.
Edison filed the patent on a light bulb production process not for the light bulb itself that distinction belongs to one Joseph Swan a British inventor. So while Edison gave us a lot of amazing things we would have been just fine without him as far as the light bulb is concerned. Because of the way he treated Tesla (the man we actually owe the modern electrical grid to) it could even be argued that he had an overall detrimental effect on the electrification of the US in general.
I'll be honest. after reading comments. I didn't know who dennis ritchie was either. But after a VERY small amount of reading i do know that without him I would not enjoy the UI I am today. or rather, lack there of on my current mobile device, ugh
'he who hesitates is lost' dammit tesla you should have gotten that patent sooner. Then again, if he's like ALL historically accurate thinkers and inventors. He would have given less than two shits about the fame or the money. He did it because he knew it was worth doing. like all the other greats.
Not quite, someone else would have invented it
I agree With Charles Kamau, someone would have made it in sooner or later, besides, Thomas Edison is a fraud, he was a businessman than an inventor that most are lead to believe.

If not for Nikola Tesla, every few blocks we would need to build a DC power plant as Thomas Edison envisioned. get a load of that.
Edison was sorta a joke compared to the great mind of Nicola Tesla. Really we should all be driving electric car's powered my the energy in the air, and have free power worldwide! It's a true shame that Tesla's work was before its time and wasn't fully noticed till long after his passing. One things for sure if Tesla was around today we wouldn't have an energy crisis or global warming issues.
not necessarily, someone else could have invented the light bulb!
telsa is the man... edision was a fraudster..
+Keith Gregory Left to stand alone, if a lot of his inventions and work didn't get destroyed and burned while he was still alive, we would be much more advanced as a race.
if there would have been no light there would be no TV 2
HAHAHA this is lame. without the light bulb there would be no tv
excuse me i told without light not light bulb
Tesla invented the fluorescent soon after, and without inspiration from Edison, so no, we would not be watching TV by candlelight.
nope, that's wrong. even with a screwed point of view
"The cathode ray tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube containing an electron gun (a source of ... devices, in which case the visible light emitted from the fluoresecent material (if any) is .." should say something like "do you realize without edison we wouldnt have tv." lol
Can the joke not be made that if it weren't for Edison, we would be watching by candlelight, but if it weren't for Tesla, we wouldn't have the TV or anything that led up to it?
The great forgotten Scientist because of him all modern technology is working salute to Nicola Tesla
I was about to say the same thing. "You wouldn't have TV to watch at all" genius.
hahaha what a genius joke. i was made this joke when im 'bout 6 yo.
Hey who's spreading misinformation!!! Edison was an Arsehole and a business cut-throat idea-stealer. Tesla did it all!!
Besides the Swan brothers had the idea for the bulb and Edison stole that too.
Edison created LED?
If it weren't for Edison Tesla would completed his project of mass distribution of electrical power through air, but instead they burned his laboratory. So were now stuck with today's technology!

OH! And look someone else did not invent it instead! I guess now where stuck with this crappy tech.
tesla=wifi,.... non_marconi, marconi use the some ideas of Tesla for transmition.. all derive in the same person... Nikolae T.
that personm it`s only comparable a Newton
even Einstain it`s so important.. Albert not construct the "bomb, that is a Oppenheimer.

and we no live in a Oppenheimer "world.
we (us) live in a TesLa "world
and the Morga. (the same the help in the " Big depresion (U.S.A.)
keep an use profit.. many patents of the Tesla, who the are.. we dont know. be couse Nikola is only interest a "energi for free around the world
If Edison or Tesla wouldn't have had a hand in the lightbulb, someone else would've by now, and we would alone talking about them instead.... Tesla was the man (crazy as shit though) Edison was a marketing/sales genius, they both played a part. 
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