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lt does look like that indelicate gesture.
lmao... yup that's a symbol for a geek. perpetual hardon :P!! (Ohh come on..! you know you were thinking the same thing) And why do you think they made it the ON symbol in the first place?
1 + 1 = 3
add 2 dots above and a mouth below, and it looks like a nose ring! :D
well i'm surprised nobody here seems to see, thats AN ON BUTTON SYMBOL. SORRY, I HIT CAPSLOCK. That's better.
lol but look at the comments, +Hesham Salman, people are all "it looks like a nose ring, it looks like a middle finger" etc. oh and by the way, that capslock was actually accedental. i'm just too lazy to delete it and retype lol
Yea, well there are 10 kinds of people in this world. People that understand binary and people that don't. (The ones that understand it get the geek(); symbol.)
the one for geek looks like a switch sign for me ...
+Dustin Graham: "on a scale of 1 to 10, what's the probability of this question being binary?" "errm.. four?" What's a four?"
+Damien Flood, I do believe it's a reference to an identifying group. If you identify with the "geek" group mores than you identify with male or female, then... You're a geek.

The power symbol was adopted for a variety of reasons - most notably that we seem to be spending more and more of our time speaking to an invisible mass of people and that more of our entertainment exists only on the ethereal plane of the internet and technology.
I like how the "geek" part looks like a C/C++/Java function call
+Tom Maddock and I bet YOU are the type of person who flies off the handle on people on the internet that you have obviously never met and know nothing about, simply for their sentence structure choices. Yep. I am right.
I have one of those glowing at the corner of my monitor. Does that mean it's a geek, too? (I also have the glow-in-the-dark t-shirt from ThinkGeek.)
+Tom Maddock Excuse me? What disservice have I committed? In what way have I wronged you? Does my sentence structure - which, by the way, is based on my manner of speech - offend you in some manner?

This isn't 4chan, and we aren't in the days of MySpace anymore. Let's be civil.
I like how the geek symbol is asexual.
LOL ...guys settle down.. it is funny!
To +Tom Maddock and +Hesham Salman ; you'll both be a lot happier if you just stop reading each other's posts. Seriously, it's nothing worth getting upset about :-D
those who rant on social networks and other sites
have no balls to confront people in the real world so we'l cast them off to society's evolutionary downward spiral of humanity, sad! :(
+Juan du Toit You rock. Although, it's why I'm casted out in some classes at my school. I make people realize things they try to escape by smoking weed :\. It's sad, really.
+Grayson Grouge Thanks Buddy, Dude we on the same page here, looove Mary Jane, its in my name, have for many many moons, the tree of life!
+Tom Maddock So what gave you the assumption that I haven't had a hard past/present? My Uncle shot himself in the head with an S&W 500 and lived for a half an hour in his family's arms, my father thought of suicide and put his ring down in front of my mom and I. I have financial problems, one of my best friends hanged himself. My cousin is autistic and my mother is an insecure bitch who used to beat me only because her parents beat her when she was young and now they live up my street. What do I do to get through it? Nothing, and will not stoop so low as to look like a coward and escape by doing drugs or drinking. So, Tom, what the fuck do you have to say? Do you smoke weed because of your past/present? Are you a coward, Tom?
Well, on balance, Grayson seems like kind of a prick.
Haha only when needed. That's probably why I'm an overly happy person at school. The prick-ness was needed and usually I don't spill my depression all over the table like that. I will go back into my hole and be nice again.....
* family's
* stoop
* smoking weed IS doing drugs
That looks like a power button, works great for a geek
Well I actually don't seclude myself or isolate myself. Half my friends do drugs and drink and I don't push them to stop. I recommend them to look other ways or to at least slow down. People are still people, that's why I don't label. I do but I don't. I'm a complete hypocrite and my friends are the people I complain about on xbox but everyone is still human. I just try to help them realize. However, I will ot hang out with others who take what I'm doing to the next step and seclude others and won't hang out with them because of who they are. That just doesn't work. Ok, lunch and class without computers now. Cya!
first it was cat obsessed n now its a geek obsessed g+ lol
This is silly. But it being a geek is not a gender. It's a property or trait I think.
no that geek sign should be for gamers!!!
so my device is a geek... =.="
lllllllllllllllllloooooooooollllllllllllll i lovet
whyy doo yoouu taaallkk liiikee thiiss.^^
Geek is a method/function :)
How about the Circle with the square inside? The iPod/iPad/iPhone home button? Techie Junkie??
You are truly a geek if you know what the symbol means.
Does that mean geeks are always erect? I wonder......
Its to big for my Galaxy Nexus...
Can I adjust the picture somehow, so I can use it as wallpaper on my Galaxy Nexus?
Definetly needs to be used for big bang theory .
sucks for the guy or girl tothr rught
The finger of power from the hand of glory lol
wow... that geek sign just gave us the finger..... well... right bark at ya!
lol funny i wonderd what the were
Can you be two of these(I'm talking about the man and the woman, not the geek)?
I don't know what's more entertaining, the picture or the comments lol
Lexi M
I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a Geek/Woman because I <3 Technology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heh heh Im no geek! Im female! Females! :D
isnt the geek sign the power on or off sign
So what arguments are we saying get passed in to geek here?
I love the coding reference. The (); call function of computer programming makes it much more epic.
Also, +Noid Hunter , geek can be used as a verb, as in "I just wanna geek out and play some video games."
The geek symbol could a symbol for intercourse ... seriously look at it (at least from a male perspective) ...
Geek missing some thing which is clear in the pic.
'Geek' seems to be excluding the ladies
There's some words i can't read on my phone :(
Power button = looks like "giving the finger". Reason? Geeks giving a big F**k you to people who bullied us at school, because without us.... you couldn't do anything. - True story :D
Exactly. I've always told people to be nice to nerds and geeks, bcoz chances are they'll be ur boss some day. . .
It does look as you're being the finger:-) 
+Kyle Lewis I didn't catch it the first time, but saw it when showing my daughter. I about lost it when I saw the ();
A whole second level of geek that most miss.
Saith R
haha, they dont have sex
lolemte (laugh out loud even more than evea)
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