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Don't worry, on a full charge they'll give you 3 days messaging time...
Uhh... Although It looks like four to me.
Ryan Ng
15 unread messages =15 birds
Remember that RFC 1149 (A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers) has been replaced by both RFC 2549 (IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service) and RFC 6214 (Adaptation of RFC 1149 for IPv6).
New Social Networking platform BirdBox (additional functions include peck and poop)
much like skinners replication of the self guided missile this technology has been aborted for the better. 
This actually reminds me more of the pigeons from Worms 2.
If it were up to 0bama this would be our new future for our military and America.
haw it took me a second to interpret this... LOL...
The worst part is when your inbox gets filled with spam.
Ya all these birds r messagers !
Those pigeons are for outgoing messages though...
You'd have to know German to read those messages, BTW...  Angry Birds?
where is the Google translate   ..... messages are in German
cleaning out your inbox was a whole different chore in those days.
I used to be a huge pigeon enthusiast as a kid growing up in the Philippines. We'll race them with other owners or just let them out of their cages every morning and watch them majestically and collectively soar for their early exercise. It is a sight to behold. They are very smart, loyal, and monogamous creatures. When I retire, I wanna move out of the city so I can relive those exhilarating moments.
nice cargo bag. .techn0logies is getting equiped today. .
Perishable messaging media, but tasty - kinda like chicken.
Are you sure?. They could still be in the outbox.
If they were talking parrots instead they would prob end their flight mission by saying, "you've got mail"... sorry, I couldn't resist.
This is a German soldier carrying "correspondence" during world war 2 
in panchio ko ajaad kar de thakur 
Must be a South African ISP then.... :D
I think it's the 'Outbox' or 'Draft Folder'
Definitely an incentive to check your messages more frequently!
And how am I going to receive the delivery report?
Leo Lee
Or 3 emails in draft folder
And the dude's saying with that familiar voice…"you've got Mail"
looks like he needs a better plan
Great, don't need a charger. 
im looking for work any panelbeating job s my 0715393569 south africa
im looking for work any panelbeating job s my 0715393569 south africa
if the bird starts trying to sell you viagra, you have my permission to kill it.
the great thing about this was that no one could eve drop or spoof the messages.... 
Spam would be pigs, no?

I like how these messages are very directed and only people can contact me that I gave my birds to :)
I wonder if they ever had dropped calls with this service?
I get the joke, and it's funny, but i'm gonna go ahead and state the obvious for anyone doesn't actually know. Carrier pigeons have to be trained to recognize where their "home" is. I don't know how long exactly it takes to get them to recognize a new "home", but it's at least days and possibly weeks. They don't have a magical sense that will let them track down a particular soldier out on the battlefield. So pigeons were trained to recognize the local HQ as their home and then sent out with the soldiers to relay messages back from the front. Which means the pigeons in the picture are emails that haven't been sent, not emails that have been received but are unread.
The latency was terrible but the bandwidth was pretty good.

I wonder if it was a military coo....... 
In africa this is what our cell phones look like!
Relics from the past!
Ryan Ng
(199) 199 unread messages, 199 birds
+Todd Stimpson I thought I would give it a try, went better than I thought! I thought someone would have beat me to it to be honest!! 
awesome. is that a german solider?
I wonder how he TWEETS. haha
Obama's troops carrying remaining taxpayers to the boiling pot! For the ghetto to eat
It is a good thing that this technology wasn't used very much.  Cryptography took over and the Allies were able to crack the code and the result was a shorter war.  Less lives lost. 
Carrier birds are a technological feat!
nert Hi
early txting test
ve have vays before the internet
where in particular did you get it? ,its wow!
The actually used pigons to carry messages both in ww1 and ww2. It made for some great skeet shooting
Ha Ha Ha i wonder where they got it,dang thats funny.
It is only 3 top of the birds wing not a beek
HAHA! That dude's inbox is almost full!!
The Brits gave those 32 of those birds the Dickins Medal during WW2
ha ha ha! great!!,,,,go faster fellah! don't mind them!
Looks like a poison gas detector to me.
Looks. Like messenger. Doves. From "Nazis. 
This would be a lot funnier for me if I didn't know that this is the outbox.
thanx for ruining it for everybody else
i'm happy to see this kind of pics, it reminds me d black & white movies of 70‘s when i was just a kid.
Mine as well.  Describes my social relatonship online.   
I wish i can have these 3 pigeons ,that i can be trained and send them to my friends with some letters of aspirations and prayers .
mike tyson has an inbox like that

2 pigeons on brixton bridge
Guess what one said to the
yea ww1 not the best way shot alot down
To unencrypted the message, you just need to kill them.
Ilike and ihave same this brid,look to eays Bird
I like when they fly the wrong way
Oh yes time for war I like it bazooka check SMG check nuke check I'm ready
If you look closer its a Germany soilder and there's 4.
So much for German efficiency! :P
Naah.. those are 3 messages in the draft folder
Please help .how can i change my prof photo?thank you
Please help .how can i change my prof photo?thank you
LOL XD what would happen to inbox full?? xD
I think thats a good idea-instead of texting send your bird-go back to the old fashioned way+-they should train parrots 4 this
You need to be able to understand Pigeon English to read them
Nah, that's breakfast, lunch and dinner... hehe
Thats how the evolution of angry birds got
It seems that these birds are very loyal delivering messages but i hope they are not very faithful to that cage,i hope they can also decides when to leave that cage.. bad i cant change my prof photo
The subway surfer is a good game
It seems that these birds are very loyal delivering messages but i hope they are not very faithful to that cage,i hope they can also decides when to leave that cage.. bad i cant change my prof photo
L Nez
Wtf! Another spam message for sexual enhancement! Don't they know sex is taboo
L Nez
They talk about sex just to get you guys mad like you are right now
Oh, the good 'ole days ...
And once you have read them you get a tasty meal :)
Does this meant the pigeon is now patented by Apple?
Did the Heer or the Waffen use pidgeon during the Blitz? shouldn't think so as the Panzer travelled faster than the speed at which these messages could have been useful for any purpose
Well, panzers weren't exactly used as courier messengers. But point taken if you swap that out with BMX motorbikes.
thanks Will it was just to figure out which year the pic might have been taken
Those r the Prisoners in there? what did they do, eat more chicken feed than was allowed? Hope they won't be gassed!
Is this the original jet pack....;-)
Cool !!!!
so that is what they did back in the day !!!!
OMG that is so funny and cool love it!
if things get really bad they can eat them.
Birds caught the flu from Us and now we get it BACK . Fitting !
More like 3 messages not sent yet.
ahahaha i hope these messenger birds cannot encounter falcons ;)
Who wanna be
Who wanna be
That method of communication was ingenious. Very much ahead of its time.
original twitter...   ...nice.
Actually, this picture was taken in 2013, Afghanistan. These are rare desert chickens. When cooked with curry and butter, there delicately tasty. 
Genius I was thinking that the flying rats looked to plump & healthy to be particularly old, perhaps WWI?
Proper, Lipton, addit0onally, the lack of wrought iron is testament to its somewhat modern design, although not 21st century, perhaps 20th?
Ryan Ng
How many birds would you need for 1000 unread messages?
Ryan Ng
Laura D
lol I love this so funny
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