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Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler. A.Einstein 
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ideal para cuando nos suban el IVA, cacho moqueta vieja y cordel de bramante y unos SEBAGO home made
~origami sneaker ^^; sustainable
Elegant and practical.  I think the one improvement might be to begin with the conjoined area alongside the big toe to avoid stitch-chafing in that high-load area.
Jo Se
amazing... I'm going to shoebiz!
Practical?! +Greg Batten, in what environment would this footwear be practical. I would not want to step on a piece of lego in these, they def do not keep the rain out and if you want a slipper I am sure something without a lace going all the way round would be far more comfortable.
I'd have to agree with you +Matthew Barnden , while it's kind of a cool idea, I wouldn't call it practical. I don't see how these would work great as slippers seeing as slippers are typically used to keep your feet warm, I'm not seeing how wrapping your foot loosely in felt is going to accomplish that, personally. Also, it seems to me that by simply looking at the shape of it and playing around with it a little bit, anybody could make these at home themselves... looks like a good weekend craft for the kids in the wintertime or something. Let them paint and decorate them too while they're at it. 
All sewing is that simple... makes me wonder why most people think that it's too difficult to learn.  :)  Wonder if the shoes are actually comfortable and supportive?
+Rachel Heil wool naturally wicks away moisture and helps maintain body heat while providing airflow to prevent overheating. So in that regard, they do make some practical sense. Along the lines of comfort and fit, I have doubts, but would have to try them on. And I doubt they would withstand much abuse. I think a leather sole sewn on underneath would add a lot more durability without any more complexity.
Yes, Apple uses this philosophy when they design, EVERYTHING.
I guess that's how the native americans did it?
хех забавно таки
можно и сапоги так сделать на холодную зиму...
Aa Ha
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