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A Tiny Box That Charges AA Batteries From Electromagnetic Fields
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How long will it take to charge a battery? 3 days? Nice idea, but don't think it is very practical
Would say that depends on the electromagnetic field the thingy would be placed in ... place it under a 380kV-overland-line and it will charge rapidly ;)
Really? it all depends on what you mean by rapidly. I bet you have to wait for at least a day before you can charge a 2000mAh AA battery under the best conditions. That is 2400mW of power, I can give you the exact magnetic force needed to get this much power if you want.
It's a start, and even if it would take several days, it's "free" energy. And considering the amount of batteries that are eaten by toys it might even be cost efficient for parents.. I don't think one of these little boxes will make much of a difference but if it works, and they won't cost an arm and a leg, this might just be the thing. If we don't try it, it won't get further developed to support more batteries and/or better load times..
Buy a solar unit, it will be 1000 times more efficient than this. Combined with a cranked handle, you will be OK for a long time :)
Ah.. yes... there's that.. there's not so much sun here in Holland . most days are awfully grey and dreary... I would welcome the invention of charging batteries while riding a bicycle though, because that is transport of choice here..
(hmm.. chances are this already exists,... ~makes mental note to look this up later~)
Does it cause brownouts in Iowa, wait... I was waited into saying that, wasn't eye?
Bankruptcy is more believable than Hell and easier to schedule in?
Just 20,000 dog rubs to charge my AA - sweet.
As long as it doesn't disrupt by forcing other devices to use a higher output.
i think it only works when the current (of the source device) changes, not when its stable. Any thoughts about this?
Igor S
patrick kanne, there is no "free energy". If you consume some power to charge the battery, something must generate that power. 
Igor S,  that's the reason that "free" is in quotes. It's energy that would otherwise be lost but is now being captured. Thus it's "free".
Think bigger people! Place these modules into architectural features where they would capture the most energy. I don't see this coming to kickstarter because it's going to have to be applied on a bigger scale to make any difference. Lets say we find a way to manipulate the earth electromagnetic field, you'll probably end up with a flying saucer in that case which would be awesome! I'm just saying get creative. Don't just express your doubt of this one small application. A slight constructive suggestion can go a long way.
I wouldn't have to worry of buying new batteries for the tv remote !
^ very practical! i don't want to worry of putting my tv remote in the window for sun to hit the solar power and i sure wouldn't want a hand cranked remote because just losing the remote is enough work of finding it... Even picking up the remote is enough work, the tv should just read my mind 
Igor S
Kurt, i think, this energy wouldn't be lost cause it woundn't be generated. Presence of such a box will increace the payload on power source. So, that is just a device to steal a tiny, almost unseen, quantity of energy.
bullshit! I think, that battery is not charged by this device, but providing a power needed to detect a very weak electromagnetic field and light a LED. For example, the power emitted by cellphone is not capable to light a LED which needs about 50mW, or a tram power line usually uses DC voltage so it is impossible to detect it with such device.
+Attila D Of course there is nothing new, but Nicola Tesla for his experiments used much much much more power than just cell phone. Sometimes during his experiments nearby city was out of power, because the power plant was not able to cover all the power consumed only by Teslas toys. See the difference now?
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