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Oh, look: an Eighties iPhone. I never knew they existed!
Clearly Microsoft's Surface technology was going to need some refinement and minaturisation before Apple could hit the mass market.
Hey I might be able to read that screen!
No, that's The Indian In The Cupboard's cousin.
lets see if you can fit that into your pocket
hey darrien warren ask him for a man to carry that for u all the time :)
haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mara yad arya ha
Hope the power cord is not built to match the sucker's size.
iPhone 37 and finally it get a big screen
it's the new apple tv....
He needs an otterbox for that thing!!
Muting this post...
Everything about the iPad, just 3 times bigger :P
yahh but it is good for big man used for exercise.

i have tha..............
ii want some shoo lol
Jake B
OMG IS THIS THE NEW IPAD????!?!?!??!?!!??!
that look like u ca just use it as a tv
Finally, Apple Introduces a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note!
wow, I see apple has brought out their new 'iBoard' for all your smart phone needs on something the size of a blackboard. I must say that is pretty cool though ;-)
Matches the ego's of the typical mac fan boy. Joking of course.
Funny how the guy's shadow on the phone makes him look somewhat more attractive... Maybe that's how Apple does it. It makes you think you're more attractive than you really are... Hmm.
thats the iMat that we have all been waiting for!!!!
runs on 24 'D' batteries, not included
Reminds me of the guy from Trigger Happy, who was always shouting into a giant cell phone in public places.
ahah thats kul i want to jam out
If it stays true to the Apple marketing methodology, iMat2 will be available in a smaller size and less features in six months.
thats the Iphone 50, you can step on it like Tom hanks did on the piano from the film Big.
that's what she said ! Sorry, too easy. It was served on a silver plate ;)
Asi no se puede competir con el tamaño ;)
Hey Boss! Looks like another Apple employee has forgotten his prototype iTV at the Bar. Do you think Apple will mind if I use it?
The vibrate feature would probably shake your brain loose. Does it come with that dude to carry it around for you?
Wow, now that is a Droid, just needs legs/wheels!
wow such a 'large phone' how does he use it ,by punching on it?
maybe hes really small?
a big i phone for a big guy if you catch my drift
u could play dance central on that and i mean standing on it and dancing i want it!!! party!!!!
i cant stop looking at it its so funny but where do u find a case for this lol
i wan one imagine how many apps i could have on that thing
can you hear me now??
הלואי שהיה דבר כזה ענק אף פעם לא ראיתי את זה אפילו לא במציאות
פעם ראשונה שראיתי דבר כזה
אולי רק ביפן או סין יש דברים כאלו
It's the iPhone 5!
I was always saying it should have a bigger screen!
The early solution to the antenna problem?
It is iAd (the apple advertisement board)
this is crezy...........................
Probablemente el hombre más fantasma sobre la faz de la Tierra. Probablemente.
i am not looking at a massive i phone am i
He must have used the TV Machine that Willy Wonka used.
This was dubbed the iSlab a long time ago...
The new iphone release. this time bigger is better. Always worring about where you left your phone? this one is much easier to find.
Einai ligo pio megalo ap'oti suni8os.....!!! ;-D
o_O hahaha!!! nada que ver! :P
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