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IT • THE GEEK • What do you think when someone uses Your PC ? 
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- Stop reaching for the mouse every time; use the tab button!
It's irritating me,wat hell u r doing it is here just click
I have the same reaction watching people play videogames.  "OMG just walk over to that sparkling thing, that thing over there,  FFS you're going the wrong way you just came from there"
hahaha, I've thought every one of those statements at some point... whether with coworkers or sometimes even family members. I do in fact make them move over on occasion, and I almost always correct the spelling if I see it and they don't go back and fix it.
Hon L.
too funny! xD
The color of the sentences needed to be reversed, green on top and red on the bottom, dumbass! :D
We need one for "What Do I Think When I See a Graphic WIth Poor Grammar and Design Hypocritically Mocking Other Users"... 
"Look - a free cup holder!" <CRUNCH as CD tray breaks> <OUCH! as hot beverage spills all over them> "Oops!"

Can I get away with administering a LART? :)
I was thinking about these all the time when my mum uses my computer... :D
& I feel i can talk with my computer
Yup! I can't stand it when someone is using my computer! They are too slow, too stupid and too clutzy. LET ME DO IT!!! :)
I would be a little annoying. But, most people I know, know, how to use a computer.
Try training educators to use technology.  "How do you minimize your screen?"  slightly frustrating at times
true story and little pit funny:)
"Who told you my password?"
Why would you watch and hover over someone using your computer? If you dont want them on your computer, kick them off. otherwise, go do something else.
Lol there should be an reverse list :D

- why is is all capitals?
- what is this chrome thing you are using?

etc ;)
All of that is true when my dad uses the computer :P
Don't spend 15 seconds searching for in favorites, just TYPE IT in the address bar... GOSH!!
Very true about internet explorer ha ha. Very funny post
when people use my pc i have a Brandon and i have a welcomed user and my friend tyler tried to go into my file but i told him THERE IS A GUEST FILE STUPID
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