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Too many apps? :)
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Haha! Exactly! I have the same problem! :-D
This is really cool communicating system. My father taught me this technique when I was 7. Any way I think this is about apps.
.. memory clogged up... check your browser history/cookies and your apps lol i have a kindle fire.. and having too much apps is a nono.
Really reaching for a funny one, again.

I looks more like Office phone system or switchboard. Lids, amplificatier, a bird nesting, or even the phone line attached to a ball from within the cup would have sufficed.
Haha I think there's a man in the middle action going on there
gimme gimme more!! gimme more!! gimme gimme more!!
The boy is a whole telecommunication company by himself =)
Yeah.. Sometimes people ask me to install line, live profile, badoo, chat on, etc.. I always tell them that I have enough apps that do the same thing (whatsapp, g+, fb, g talk, SMS, mail, etc).. No need to waste battery or memory installing more.. It's simply redundant! 
Tasker has probably replaced 20 other apps for me. 
I'm alway out-of-memory too...
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