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Habitat 67 , or simply Habitat, is a model #Community  and housing complex in Montreal, designed by Moshe Safdie. It is widely considered an architectural landmark and one of the most recognizable and significant buildings in both Montreal and Canada. Read more, wikipedia:   
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This looks like something out of the video game Papo & Yo, which wouldn't be surprising considering the developer, +Minority Media is based in Canada.
I've actually seen these in person, from the outside (they're on the way to the casino in Montreal fyi). I recognized them instantly in this photo, they look ridiculously cool in person as well. 
Yeap.  And pretty cold... Too much opened surfaces. Isn't energy efficient building. Montreal is not Miami 
Montrealer here.  This still freaks out my overseas friends.
Was Tetris his inspiration?! :-)
лифт наверное тоже двигается в разных направлениях :)
That's amazing!
Remember: you're not just living in a tiny little box if it's one of several boxes that are stacked together in a a cool way.
What benefits does it have except looks cool? It wastes more energy doesn't it? 
I see this building every month. Go Habs Go!
uhh i dont like the "Thin Air" thing going on here can i get the bottom floor???
Ridiculous looking and built on a earthquake epicenter as well. Ouch!
I want to live there and play MineCraft all the time!!
It is just for conversation. It looks terrible 
Reminded me scene from "Total recall"-2012 movie :)
That project has been built in the '60 and has a lot of defects! 
The idea is to have the same structures in larger proportions to build entire city districts out of those. Really interesting in several ways, and who wouldn't want there apartment to stand out a little? Maybe I'll move to Canada some day.
the thing is, it needs much more structural strength and stiffnes to withstand the ordinary loads. 
I don't wanna live in this after more than.. let's say 20-30 years after construction ended. 
I don't see the big deal. looks like an eye sore
Heating costs should be considerable higher. But nice design, inspiring. It's a bit like nobody seems to fit in the community. And I think there is a lot of potential rain damage to this structure. Whatever, it's Design, it's Art isn't it? Practical aspects are less important and should not spoil the effect. Like the infamous cubistic furnitures I once have seen. Pyramidal table, I say.
Is that some appartments or one big compound

It looks like tht Georgian Bank Head Offis in Tbilisi :D:D:D:D (which was designed by Georgian architector in the 20th century :P ) P.S. Georgia country not in America :))
That's all well and good until someone steps out from their sliding glass door and falls 3 stories.
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