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Data Evolution
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Next up is /dev/null, the infinite capacity Write Only Memory (WOM)
With the old supports we can be reasonably sure that the data contained can be accessible only to ourself, and when we put it in the cloud ?
I love how the durability of each "advance" is reduced.
This list is sure to get on the increase.
because of the time it can change to be better than ever.
Ha! This is awesome! :-D

Although, there should be a memory card instead of a USB-stick.
I heard of cloud storage. It will be interesting
Clint Udy
I really try to avoid cloud storage. Don't mind a remote server, but not the cloud. Too much risk of data/privacy loss fer my tastes. Will always use physical media for my data. 
Clint Udy, i think your'e right, but many companies require work in the cloud
Not sure putting my data in the cloud s a step forward 
Next storage technology will space/galaxy.
storage evolution to me....
you forgot the tape between card, disk ;)
very nice...
here are my files? In the clouds my son.... in the clouds...
Nice try, but unfortunately the Media and Data are mixed up in here, because the cloud storage can be on any media even on punch cards.
Im 38 this year, the yellow thingy is punch card :P
+Bronisław Kandora Luckily I don't work for such a company. If I did, only work data would be in the cloud with a physical backup. I would do so from a separate computer as to prevent personal data upload (don't need that accident happening). They would laugh at me until I saved the day post crash. 
wawawwawawawawwa nice!!!!
Kathy G
Punch cards!  LOL. I worked with them in 1983-84  when I had the Most Boring Job Ever at the FHLB.  Somewhere there are rooms filled with cabinets filled with tiny drawers filled with punchcards and colored cardboard separators. In 1983  our high school had computers... terminals anyway that connected to a mainframe off site in the "Computer Lab."  It's so wild how quickly technology advanced when you consider that the thirty years running up to that we all still had wired traditional dial phones and typewriters.   I was still taking manual shorthand dictation in the 90's.
Oh i remember now i thought it was well forget it.
Where is the floppy disk?
You missed Paper Tape before Punch Card, and I think reel to reel Mag Tape desreved a mention!   Why did Screens have an 80 characters per line?  Because punch Cards had 80 columns!
And all since 1969.........................
Really we have advanced in saving Data in different media with more capacity. The same way we have advanced in Data Recovery too.
Missed out 8" and 5.25" floppies and any kind of tape, sadly...
Sure den give me some idear of using dis new recovery too.
Lorks a lordy ..... Feeling old....

I have worked with ALL of them !!
you can try Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
The cloud is still just a bunch of servers....
we just need imagine and that thing will be true
so just keep on thinking bigger and bigger
@ahsan ops tapes in the looks...i like this pic for sure....
I love this. Great image. The cloud is growing fast but a lot of bigger organisations are holding back - data security remains the major concern. I think there is fear the cloud will break and it will all come pouring out, free for everyone to catch what they can! I know companies that still disable the USB port for fear of data / security infringement so the cloud maybe a little too high to reach just yet.
When your life gets tougher, just remember, YOU were the strongest sperm.!
They should've put SD cards after the usb
next is airborn storage
am not good in technology, however, i can save my own files through clouds??
where is the Cassete Drive of the C64 ? and the 5 Inch Floppies ?
Yeah, when you really need slow and unreliable, the cloud is the way to go.
Next picture should be of the cloud rainging your data all over the place...
microsoft can use this for their drive service.
just means everything going "cloud tech"
+harshil patel : because you saw it on reddit... must be very speshul if you felt the need to report on that...
alright im not accepting the insult now.
Cloud Sucks.

you are essentially asking a Third Party to watch over your SECRET information  NO THANK YOU!
Within my old PC, it is my data, and once in the cloud, it is no longer mine...
The high availability, yes  but this just unseat me as the only owner...
No sd card or is all flash logic lumped into thumb drives? Sd and micro SD are changing the world far more than cloud storage is (at the moment )
The origin of data storage would be punched tape not punched card ...

Whats beyond the cloud that your not telling us about? 
There is no tape cassette we all remember the good old days of the c64! but cool picture anyway
All abt storage bt we can't say or thot abt transmition
It could be data evolution, if you're thinking about how we progressively managed to store more information in a smaller medium, culminating in the Cloud (which is akin to saying we store info in thin air).

But that's completely disregarding the fact that Cloud Storage, in the end, is merely storing information on HDDs ... even if it is a HDD on a server that you'll never, ever, see.
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Iomega Zip Drives are the missing link
every day increase the technology level......
no one can stop that....
,issed out the really old, over sized floppy drives
Ahem, need one that shows a digital human according to the news that your dna can store a couple of gazillion bytes of  Wonder if that is 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, or 1024 bytes?
Yeah, they're missing several steps in the evolution. Hell, at the very least they should've used a 5.25 floppy over the 3.5. 
I have used all of these digital storage methods! And then some!
Where's the 5 1/4 floppy? And the Commadore Tape Drive?
1 something
2 disk drive?
3 disk
4 flash drive
5 cloud...
What about hardrives ????
next show the cloud getting all closed up, charged for, inspected by snooping people, and failing, and people going back to pen and paper or just talking to each other
+Sam Bretas
1. Punch card
2. Floppy disk (3½", they forgot the 5.25" and even the 8" floppies that came before the 3½")
First of all. That's Ancient. Second, I can't wait to see what's next.
wats  the nxt technology..,!!!maybe its getting smaller than  smaller!!!hehehehehehehe
I will never use cloud for most of my stuff. My data belongs to me!
Used up the last of my CD, but have a few DVD I'd be willing to donate to a museum. Cloud is definitely the way to go as long as one can get a connection. To the future and beyond!:)
I think the 5 1/4 floppy deserved mention.  3.5 was years behind it.
Next, we'll be storing our data -- encrypted, of course -- in the unused brain capacity of other people (the human cloud.)
And there will be plenty of cheap storage space available!
I wish we can fully control our cloud storage like we do with like a USB. This might sound crazy but I wish if I had the server at my house so I can have full control of who sees my stuff.
RAIP, the ultimate storage in the cloud :P
(Redundant Array of Independent Pigeons)
If someone says next step is putting data in our heads. Well That's not new. Every student has been doing this for hundreds of years. Its called Memorizing. Its like coming round a full circle.
Data storage in DNA is being proven.
Ryan Ng
There is a mistake there. USB did not come after Blu-Ray.
Born as a baby, going to teenager, then as an adult, then an elderly and finally to the heavens
Ah, but where is your data when it is in the cloud? Give am a USB stick over the cloud any day. At least I know and can access my data when and where I need it.
Cloud storage is the smart way to give our data/file/etc to invisible thief, i suggest you not to share important file on cloude. What you all thinks...? 
what is the use of a punchcard??? its my first timee to hear that... and i think cloud storage will be awesome if everyone has free internet.. ad if its security will be strong.. but nice work?!!
There is a problem with cloud data, It's time consuming to upload and download.
I still use cd roms to this day...
It's missing 8" and 5.25" disks, and Colorado tape drives and the ZIP drive. Otherwise, not bad!
Oh.... How I miss the good old days.. Cabinets full of floppies. And 30 of them just to install aix. 
...And MC's :)

I even saw an EP used once. An 80's computer magazine I subscribed to in those days once came with an EP sized record in the form of a plastic sheet we were supposed to play back on our record player, feeding the sounds into our Commodore 64 (by recording the record onto a tape)
Cloud Computing is like...50+ years old. Anyone heard of Mainframe?
Ace E
They forgot the bigger floppy disk
You forgot the cassette that my Timex computer used. 
cloud storage does involve physical media. the physical media is pooled together in a physical location. what makes it cloud per-say is that the storage is pool across multiple locations over the web for redundancy. Therefore the company you signup for cloud storage gives you access to your storage over the internet.
Jay Cie
For note the cloud A: is not new. It's a new version of the client server system. B: really is inferior to local backups.
What are the first two depictions???

After the USB thumb/flash drive I used an external hard drive ( 250GB ) before ever using cloud/online storage. 
Nice one!!! +HY Au If its the last one you are pondering over, Its cloud!!
i have lived through the evolutions
I'd still like to know what the first two depictions are????
......and what's this magnetic/cassette tape everyone keeps asking about, I don't believe it was widely used in everyday office/home use since I don't remember ever using it. 

After the USB thumb/flash drive no one mentioned the external hard drive, I had a 250GB, before ever using cloud/online storage.
bollox to that - lost connectivity over christmas and if I had my savegames on the cloud, I would have been f^&ked
Sorry. I only lived long enough for the cd. 
It should go:
Optical disk
Portable hard drive
Flash drive
Transcendent storage...B-)
If no one answered the question about the first two.  The first is an IBM card used in a punch machine.  The second the floppy that came just before, but was used for years, the CD.
Cloud means Wireless Data Transfer..
Something more than the cloud is on its way soon...:)
pigeon,s now looking for work?
The cloud is not some floating place out there. Its really hardware in some storage volt deep underground.
I dont. Tink clouds 
external harddrive is missing
5 1/4" floppy is missing....must be the missing link......
i don.t know hind NO! i"ll can:t ENglish pz
Ronald Tambunan i think it's to do with removable storage.....
Not quite accurate, they forgot the mainframe between the punchcard and floppy, "cloud" is just the mainframe reborn.
On Jan 28, 2013 7:24 PM, ****@** wrote:

Forgot 5.5 disc after punch cards..???
Where's the floppy and the computer cassette recorders?
I have lived (and worked) in all these data evolutions and obviously I'm still working, just now in cloud.
Lolzzz... modern tech..
"Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!" ~Mick Jagger (thinking of hackers)
The Cloud doesn't have hackers lmfao!
Guys remember when it was the ish to put data on a compact disc
It's going to remain a handheld. Smaller more capacity. Shut up and Take my Money!!!! 
Am I the only one creeped out by the thought of being abducted and carried aloft by a rogue cloud?
If I store in the cloud, what will happen if it gets blown to the other side of the world or it rains? !!!!
The rapture of cloud computing???
after cloud comes BLACK HOLE, now there u can plug in your thoughts, dreams &'s easy! just connect two wireless pads to your head & your good to go! warning you may suffer from a brain tumor.
Technically, this is the evolution of non-volatile storage.  And where are the 100MB Zip disks? No DAT?  No 8" floppies?  I suppose sacrifices are needed for art.
wrong! Also we've been using "the cloud" for a VERY long time think hotmail.
usb sticks legs are white so are the clouds. What no black memory? Lol
useless in no coverage area..prefer usb drive..
And then your access to the cloud is limited by the ISP.
any one else use the floppy disc?
How secure are the clouds?
y, sometimes i use floppy to flash cmos for old machines
that makes me sound sad i have to use them for work
nobody thought to include little scraps of paper and a pencil?
data security is an issue with cloud storage
Where is the cassette tape? I grew up with Cload and csave on my trs80
I forsee a time when we store data holographically in a single atom.
Missed a step. Tape drives. Ha ha ha 
Ot amezing techn.ahop its more advancing.
What's hot today is obsolete tomorrow.

That last statement of a body part is a step between the Thumb drive and the Internet Cloud. That is because sex is a big part of what drove the WWW to become a world covering cloud.
Except that cloud is not a data storage hardware
ya there is no limitations for technology to grow n it may happen one day sure!
I take more of a creationist point of view.
Jay No
This is false, the cloud is basically a storage server located remotely, so technically we've gone back to the first storage device
Hi Grek, what next in evolution?
Cloud did not follow flash drives. This is stupid.
Yup, exactly what 'clouds' look like. So much lighter.
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