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HOW IT WORKS • Which Engine is This ?
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35 deg. 2 piston, 4 stroke, naturally aspirated, combustion gas engine
+mayuresh jahagirdar

It's 4 stroke.

1st Stroke : Intake Fuel
2nd Stroke : Compress Fuel
3rd Stroke : Creates Energy (forgot exact word, but it's burning of fuel)
4th Stroke : Exhaust Gas.

The 2 stroke does 1 & 4 in 1st stroke and 3 & 4 in 2nd stroke.

EDIT : and also it's 2 piston account differently for strokes.
A conventional four-stroke V8.
V- 35 degree, 4 stroke, naturally aspirated, carburator, Spark Ignition, overhead valve, Air Cooled, Internal combustion Gasoline engine (Motorbike engine)
2 piston 2 valve 30 degree air cooled 4 stroke engine. HD has these on their bikes.
In other words a burning engine type.
why a v8? a v6 or a v12 (or a v4 - yes, there have been some in the past) work just like that, too.
Four stroke V (dunno cylinder count). Suck, squeeze, bang, push!
V type internal combustion engine , 4 stroke , with low camshaft drive.
'New mexico desert roadtrip'-engine
If it was a Harley engine, the spark should fire on the power stroke and on the exhaust stroke, that's what gives it the distinctive pop in the exhaust noise. just say potato potato potato, now you're a Harley!
Aaron A
Twin cam VTech . . .
a esto le llamo ceatividad pura
More like single cam Lo-Tech...
@ #Jeff Chapman not just any VTwin.... that, there, is a pre-TC88 era motor... I was going to say Evolution, but the carburetor is wrong and the pistons are domed instead of mostly flat top... Unfortunately I'm no mechanic and COULD be talking out of my arse; I normally would look at the shape of the rocker boxes to be sure and those are merely silhouetted here. Any mechanics about?
(PS sorry to be such a Harley nerd on this, its just I used to ride an Evo)
Check out Porsche's animations. They are sick, specially the ones explaining how the dual-clutch shifting occurs.
Probably a Harley, but could be any of many others.
i thinnk four strock....Engine
i read it in my Second year!
i have studied about it in 1th cycle it injects fuel 2nd compress it 3rd give spark for burning of fuel and fuel out.....................thats how its work
i dunno but that's an awesome animation of whatever it is
But how many of you know the comp ratio
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