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Trust me I'm an Engineer.
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Like a boss! Oh yeah? Well I drive Optimus Prime to work!
Got a date straight after your shift at the quarry? No problem!
This is funny cmon! Has nothing to be with self respect or intelligence it's just a man having a shower what's the matter? He's just kinda innovating haha that's why this pic is on +TECHNICS 
Judging by the amount of soot on the bottom of the bucket, this isn't the first time it's been an impromptu bathtub!
lol (gangname style song) Op Op Open Trashcan Style
+Travis Kalmoni 
In many countries, there is no hot water in the taps. So this is a good idea for people, who have excavator in their garage. 
+Karl Wonder I think it can be invention of the year. ( : 
+Gatto NineNineNine 
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:) it does!!! (she uhhh doesnt exist between u and me Tech)
Bryan M
That's kind of ingenuous. 
assuming it was necessary therefore ingenious. 
Multitasking engineer, he can inspect the teeth on the bucket while he's there. 
Looking at the volume of water, the mass of the steel bucket and the size of the fire, the water would take about 5 hours before it was even tepid.
I call staged BS.
guys are you really using G+
So are we 3 ?
Is a good idea, the wood is there fire water from the river wala! A shower, not only a shower a free shower
very nice ... im going to do this at work on Friday before i go out to the club ....    ;-)
Awesome! "Where there's a will there's a way" he must have wanted to take a shower real bad.
wow . I like to see this loader
Ha ha ha you boiling your self , nice isn't will hot right but good idea.
how do we know it's soap?
could be butter or goose fat, meaning someone is cooking the poor dude.
Jajaja. That's funny! But, very thoughtful 
As any competent chef will tell you, you should add the onions before the homless man.  
I'm an cannibal ... need son onions bpeper tomatoes potatoes spices and wait feww hours soup will b ready ... who want some ? Taste like chicken soup mmm here he he 
+Chris West judging from the fresh paint, this is a primarily a bathing excavator. 
now that is smart......... I guess engineers have to be smart or they'll kill somebody!
he must be a speciallist !!!!
HOT TUB   Is there beer in that  bag !
Really!!!! thats the only place u can think of to take a
he makes the people in Compton look rich!
Where's the carrots and potatoes? If you're going to make a soup, make it right.... 
At least you have hot Talk about engineers can't live with'em can't live without'em
Was hit in the head with that size bucket swung into my head on the job in 2004 almost killed ended up with 5 back surgeries bad concussion ect can't move anymore
I just have on question I wanna ask this guy. WHY?
Where them police to get his ass 
I didnt imagine thats posible at all. A crazy thing to with friends.
Kat Kea
Meanwhile, a homeless man...
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I'm just taking a small bath ok
is he in his correct mind?
Gees! Most of you people automatically think this man is in dire straights!

He might be in a remote place and have something important to do?
thats nasty hges taking a bath, with his stankie self, his boss probably told him he stink and told to take a bath ;)
Lol, I don't even know what to say about that.
wait if he is that poor how does he afford soap...
Very clever & creative use of materials at hand. I'm an engineer & I can appreciate innovation & improvisation when I see it. Love the photo.
Shouldn't there be pygmy cannibals dancing around...? 
When I went to Viet Nam in 1965 as a laundryman we used to use the wash tubs for taking a nice warm bath.
This guy is getting all the ladies in a zombie apocalypse. 
One helluva slowcooker
oh great, of all the places to take a bath, he chose...
I've taken cold showers behind the water pull. This is creative thinking.
Just let me know when he is all coked, I want a leg.
Trust me .. an engineer never do that ..
LOL!!! I need one for the guys at the job site we're at now!!! :)
u'll wait till Jesus returns nothing wiil be cooked
trust me thats a sturdy bath tub  would like one up stairs in my house
he seems trustworthy to me!!
Awesome but hygeine is a problem though.
LOL bet this wasn't taken in Australia.....
Why is Google+ starting to fill up will these types of images?! It's not going to go the way of Facebook is it?
This reminds me of a Bugs Bunny carton. We just need some natives.
What could possibly go wrong?
looks cold out there... hot tub is a great Idea :) ... that fire i doubt is capable of boiling that quantity of water .... and certainly not fast ...
Hey come might be his weekly bath...or monthly! phew!!!
Leave the dude alone, he probably REALLY needs thje bath!!
. . . the right tool for the job?
Actually, he should win a case of beer for making the world a cleaner place!
wow that is a good why to clean up
that guy is a jerk,what doe's He think He is doing 
Ryan Ng
He's not a boss, though.
Nice way to do it, especially when you have not taken bath for many days
he knows what he is doing he is a professional 
Matt K
Hey, does that come with a bar?
How are his feet not burning ??
Work in a place where showers can be had 24 hours a day and they still don't bathe Good job on the desire to cleanse self!
Cleanliness  is next to Godliness
Took me two seconds to see it but that's purty ghetto...;)
D**n!!! Why didn't I think of that!!
wow pathetic what will your boss say?
Just wonder how he can get out from the 'bath tub' hehe..
Best of all, I'm still on the CLOCK!
Remodeling your bathroom at home no problem
very resourceful!!
+Bob Marshall Spoiler. Go ahead and ruin everybody's redneck fantasy with your "math." 
Well after all it is the cold and flu season, so always good to remember that, "Soup is good food."   snort
well thats attractive :-O(not rlly sarcasim)
Thats awsome. If I had to I would too. I highly value cleanliness.
Brian T
Where's the potatoes, cabbage and carrots?
Wonder if that's from the shores of New Jersey post Sandy. Many cities has no heat or power....
when he comes out he has three legs
thats pretty smart actually, but wouldnt the bottom of the bucket get hot?
RELLY Add "AWSOM." to dictionary
jajajajajajjajajajajja ke plactico
red neck(constructio worker edition) bath tub
When your are searching for Gold or Oil in the cold and wet Jungles with no proper setup, trust me that is what you do coz you have no other options...come on you cold freaks out there..stop hiding behind you bath tub come out and feel the real thing... 
Oh yeah, not like the metal isn't heat treated or anything and he didn't ruin it's lifespan and structural integrity.

Not to mention that guy is no engineer, an engineer would not do that after taking into account that it is literally destroying the bucket.
Now that's a cool way to take a bath!
Hey Boss, please don`t tinkle in the tub. I goota bathe next and there ain`t no drain plug!
ouch, is that not hot? I hope he is wearing shoes.... 
Very creative ,I imagine the guy is stuck in the site in the middle of nowhere,and this the only way he have ahot bath,thumbs up
i trust u ...but a crazy engineer ~
It's a good idea to take a shower in summer time.
How long did it take to warm the water??? 
What?....................................................... Not Awesome
Oh - this would have likely inspired my brother. lol
Or a person who can't find a home.Or he just likes to take baths in construction equipment.
Where is the fresh water dear me be water got heat 15c digry after shampoo where is the fresh water 
Trust you....yea right lol
He's came prepared he's got his clothes hanging up on the side and bad of soap. I now not what I want for Christmas (escalator)
wow what the hell of this???
xD Ahahaha, this is now on my bucket list...
gosh!! 1st i thought its skin off
I've seen it All ... now I can die in peace 
I've seen some redneck hottubs, but this is the first for aa piece of construction equipment! Lmao! That's a mighty expensive tub!
No money no buliding.... 2 engg scoop bath
This I so funny having a nice hot bath
Yeah well... how the hell ya gonna get outta that thing? Def cool though.
yjats just a home less guy taking his first warm bath
hehehe.. it's very clever ...
Now that's innovative!! And they say engineers can't think outside the box..
Its Urgent strategy's smart ..heheheheh
oh. somebody is cooking soup there :) 
this is very cool.i have not seen aanything before this
is that dave the trustworthy engineer?
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