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This is the official page of on Google Plus
This is the official page of on Google Plus

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+ Unlimited Tabs. Tabs can be stacked.
+ Unlimited Slides for each Tab.
+ Slides can be moved infinitely.
+ AutoPlay with two ways (left and Right).
+ Integrated LightBox wuth a lots of animation effects.
+ Click, Left/Right Arrow keys, Swipe, Scroll to slide.
+ Support three popular types of sliders (bar, full width and full screen).
+ Design style can be customized easily by HTML and CSS.
+Works on Almost Platforms (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones).

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OneMenu jQuery was updated ver 2.0:

+ Updated Masonry version.
+ Changed Calling method.
+ A new param to set showed/hidden status for Submenu.
+ A new param to set position for Control Items.
+ A new param to enable/disable close menu.
+ A new param to set OneMenu overlay content or push content down.
+ Added Font Awesome.
+ Support to add image buttons into Submenu.
+ Support to add external links for control items.

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OpenPanel jQuery updated ver 2.2:

+ Add a new Javascript param (animSpeed) to control animation speed.
+ Disable CloseAll button when there is only one panel be active.
+ Change Panel Control Bar to fixed position at the top.

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OpenPanel for WordPress:

+Support Responsive Design.
+ Unlimited Panels.
+ AJAX load.
+ Open Panels in Panels.
+ Support CSS customization.
+ Works in WordPress 4.0 or greater.

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MaterialStart jQuery Plugin:
+ Responsive Material Design.
+ Unlimited Content.
+ Unlimited Level NavBar.
+ Support Auto Show.
+ Support Open by Click and URL Param.
+ Inline Content for SEO.
+ AJAX Content For Performance.
+ Support change URL and Back Button.

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OpenPanel jQuery plugin version 2.1:
+ Fix bugs that made panels did not display at the top in some cases.
+ Improve AJAX load method.

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Social Auth PHP - version 2:
+ Update new Facebook, Twitter, Google Auth.
+ Optimize file structure for more friendly.

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MetroBox jQuery plugin verion 1.4:
+ Improve Scrolling feature for Mobile Devices.

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MetroTab jQuery plugin ver 2.2:
+ Improve AJAX method.
+ Add new params: data-ext and resWidth.
+ Fix some minor bugs.
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