I had a lot of fun running #Numenera  for the Patrons last night. I threw a homemade monster at them--a vampire with a Numenera spin, so I thought I'd share it with you.

I call this creature a Nano Feeder, however +Philip Coffey​​​​​ dubbed it a "raisin vampire" due to me describing it as a human who'd had some moisture removed, similar to a grape turning into a raisin.

A woman in Cylion Basin became a Nano Feeder after drinking a strange potion she'd bought from a merchant who'd acquired it from a numenera hunter. What the potion was, or why she bought it and drank it (or what she thought it would do) no one knows. 

Lady Oodelra was a fairly accomplished healer with some skill over the nano sorcery of the Ninth World.

The potion killed her, however the nanites within it interacted with her own nanites in interesting ways, animating her corpse and turning it into a killer.

Each night she left her tomb and hunted, killing someone who was either a nano, healer, or some other mystic (basically someone with a high level of nanites in their body). She killed them by drinking their blood, however the blood was just a means to an end—she was really draining them of their nanites. The nanites from the potion took over any nano-tech they encountered, bending it to their will.
The idea is that as she fed on more nanos, she would get more powerful, gaining more and more mastery of the nano-tech around her (ie. esoteries and similar abilities).

The PCs investigated rumors of strange murders in Cylion Basin and that the ghost of Lady Oodelra was the source. They learned (via the scan esotery) that not only were the bodies drained of blood, they were drained of nanites as well. When they scanned Lady Oodelra/the Nano Feeder, they found she had a higher concentration of nanites than they’d ever seen in one person (please try to avoid reference to mitochlorians).

Though the Nano Feeder hunts at night, this is only because it’s easier to do things surreptitiously. It has no vulnerability to sunlight. The Nano Feeder looks as it did in life, only much paler (due to no blood supply to the skin), and it has a withered, dried out appearance. All of the Nano Feeder’s teeth are elongated and sharpened to a point. It feeds by biting into the neck, often ripping a good amount of the throat out in the process.

Level 5
Attacks as level 6, perception as level 6, stealth as level 6
Health 30
Armor 2
Immune to Intellect damage, disease, poison, gases, etc.
Can take 2 actions/round
Damage 6 (punches & kicks)

The Nano Feeder is cunning and sneaky, but is no longer sentient. Roleplay it as a very intelligent animal predator. 

GM Intrusion: When the Nano Feeder succeeds in an attack, it gets a free bite action. The victim takes 2 might damage that ignores armor. When the Nano Feeder is feeding on someone, it is only a difficulty 3 task for another person to hit it, as it can’t defend itself fully. The person being fed upon can make a difficulty 5 might action each round to try to escape. If she fails, she takes 2 might damage that ignores armor each round. Once a character has taken 6 might damage in this way, she can no longer use esoteries or other “nanite-based” abilities (at the GM’s discretion) for 28 hours, as her nanites are depleted and take time to rebuild their population.

I had some plans and ideas of what could happen with this creature if unopposed, but the PCs killed it. If the creature is allowed to continue feeding, it will gain new abilities over time. Feel free to give it any esoteries that seem appropriate, as well as the powers of any cyphers or artifacts (which it uses as esoteries). 

The Nano Feeder doesn’t use numenera devices, however PCs can scavenge 1d6 biological cyphers from the body of a slain Nano Feeder. 

The Nano Feeder’s motivation is to acquire more nanites by feeding on people who have a high concentration of them—nanos and other PCs with esotery-like abilities, as well as NPCs and creatures with “magical” powers.
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