I know a number of you are really enjoying The Obsidian Monolith Actual Play episodes. I really enjoy making them. However, they take a LONG time to edit and produce. To give you an idea, I worked on session 4 pretty much all day yesterday (about 8 hours) and I got 30 minutes of content produced; there is still three and a half hours to go.

I was able to get quite a few of them out on my break because I took some time off work and spent a lot of my extra time working on them. However, I don't think I'll be able to keep up with them, and my job, and my other podcasts and projects.

There are a couple different ways I could handle this, and I'd like your opinion.

1.) I put out a regular episode of GM Intrusions every week. I edit The Obsidian Monolith AP episodes as I can, and when they're ready put them out (along with an Obisidian Monolith podcast episode) as bonus, additional content. This way you get a regular GMI episode every week, but it may be weeks (or even a month or two) between OM episodes and OM AP episodes.

2.) I occasionally (perhaps once a month) put out an Obsidian Monolith episode instead of the regular GM Intrusions episode that week. This will allow me every few weeks to devote the time I'd spend on GM Intrusions to editing the actual plays.

Let me know which you'd prefer! Thank you!

EDIT: I will explain this more in this week's GM Intrusions (E67).

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GMI episode every week. OM eps as I can.
OM episode instead of GMI ep 1/month
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