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#orgmode will have 3 students/contributors for its first #gsoc year -- welcome!
From: Bastien <bzg <at>> Subject: Google Summer of Code -- 3 Org projects for our first participation! Newsgroups: gmane.emacs.orgmode. Date: 2012-04-24 05:55:25 GMT (54 minutes ag...
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Very interested to see how Aurélien's project takes off. Being able to sync with other external TODO systems would be great. (I once created a program to use rememberthemilk's APIs to sync my own TODOs, but that was before finding org-mode)

Will the merge driver also be usable for Mercurial? (means, be a general 3-way merge driver which takes base, local and remote file to produce a merged file)

Also will bugpile be usable with any dVCS? (specifically with Mercurial)
then I’ll likely be tester of both :)

merging divergent remember-mode versions is on my list of weekly nuisances, and our new internet provider allows hosting a server on my own computer.

Thanks for the info!
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