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The secret next upgrade step of Google+: use C-n and C-p instead of j and k.
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Darn it, you just made me open a new window as I read it too fast in excitement when I saw "C-n".
+Matthew Gregg how about regex search in Firefox?!? It seems like a no brainer but never seemed to get off the ground :-/
Actually, the emacs firefox extension does let you remap lots of keys to emacs bindings. I used it quite a bit.
Hate me, but j and k are just perfect for reading. No need to press an extra button. My brain even adjusts fluently between content consumption mode (j and k) and content production mode (C-EVERYTHING) ;)
+Philipp Möller no, you're right. And I praise many emacs modes that do the right thing by not requiring the control in their mode-maps but still stick to the same keys for navigating an otherwise uneditable buffer (gnus, org-mode's agenda, magit, etc)
I use conkeror, so C-n (and C-s and C-v and...) already work (sadly, C-M-s does not). I had to start another browser to find out what this j business was all about.
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