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I want to thank everyone that participated in sharing their Obama circles today. I appear to have reached my limit on adding people today, but will add any additional people when I am allowed to. Here is the result of today's activity. I have removed pages and only have people in this circle.
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It's getting big, +john sawyer ! did you get the Circle I sent you of OFA workers?
+john sawyer   I sent you a direct message of some people that requested to be removed.  Please read!  thanks.
I will remove them when they request it.
I shared to circle again only with the people in it. I will remove any that so requests. 
I'm not sure why, but the people who requested to be removed are still in your circle.  Would you like to chat?  I can explain it to you better. Thanks!
I removed a couple that I saw the request. They are still in the circle because I have not republished it.
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