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Experienced Milwaukee Area SEO Professional

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Observation of the Day:

LinkedIn no longer allows members with the New LinkedIn UI or with Sales Navigator to view out-of-network 3rd and 4th degree connections. It will say 'Linkedin Member' where the person's name would usually appear and if you try to click on the link to visit the profile, it will give you this type of message:


Today, in the New UI, some people are seeing 14 profiles per search result page instead of the standard 10 for free users or 20 for Business Plus users.

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Saved Searches in the New LinkedIn UI

Business Plus subscribers get up to 7 saved searches.

Free subscribers get 3 saved searches.

Not all users who have the New UI have access to Saved Searches yet.

Job alerts are separate from Search alerts.
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Today's Observations

OLD UI shows 10 profiles per page and the maximum number of pages is 100 pages of search results (1000 profiles).

The NEW UI shows 10 profiles per page with a maximum 100 pages of search results for free users (non-premium accounts).

The NEW UI shows 20 profiles per page with a maximum 50 pages of search results for paying subscribers.

However, both free and paying LinkedIn users can still only view a maximum of 1000 profiles per search result in the New UI.

Sales Navigator shows 25 profiles per page and the maximum number of pages is 40 pages of search results for a total of 1000 profiles per search result.

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Is this happening for anyone else tonight on Sales Navigator?

I see a never-ending loading icon and the page doesn't finishing loading the search results.

What video hosting sites will the New LinkedIn UI accept when adding a video to your profile?

According to my detailed research and after reviewing various web analytics, it appears to me that up to 20% of Linkedin users might already have access to LinkedIn's "New UI".

Can anyone else with real data confirm this?

LinkedIn has rolled at least one user I know back to the old UI. He told me he's heard rumors that LinkedIn might be delaying their full roll out of the new UI now until May/June. Originally, I had estimated that the rollout of the New UI would have been completed by the end of March, but that was just a guess.

When he asked LinkedIn why, the reason they gave him was that only a small percent of users are on the new UI and therefore it made sense to be on the same UI as the majority.

Supposedly, LinkedIn did warn him that this would happen, but then it didn’t occur for a few weeks. Then, once day, LinkedIn suspended his account. He hadn’t done anything obvious to warrant a suspension. When he enquired, the LinkedIn safety team came back to him, apologizing, saying that the suspension was their error. However, when his account was reinstated, it had been reverted back to the old UI.

He wasn't sure if this "rollback" was due to a glitch on LinkedIn's part or if perhaps LinkedIn was being sneaky about something.

I've had one other colleague who has the new UI get their account suspended due to suspicious behavior, but they have not yet heard back from LinkedIn with an answer. I'll keep you all abreast of what happens to their account after it is reinstated.

What I'm wondering is if showing people the new UI and putting screenshots and tutorials online about the new UI is causing this "suspension" and/or "rollback" or if it's truly just a glitch that accidentally removed a flag that grants a user access to the new UI.

Does anyone else have any similar experience with the "New UI" and getting suspended and/or rolled back to the old UI recently?

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Only 85 Tickets Remaining:

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I'm looking for insight into this issue...

A colleague of mine has the Job Seeker premium account with the new desktop UI already rolled out to her.

In the New UI, the search filters that she can use in her current premium Job Seeker subscription are:

- Relationship
- Locations
- Current Companies
- Past Companies
- Industries
- Profile Language
- Nonprofit Interests
- School

And then it says:

"Upgrade to Sales Navigator or Recruiter to unlock additional filters.
Function, Years of experience, +9 others"

In a different user's account, who has Sales Navigator, I see these search filters:

- Keywords
- Geography
- Relationship
- Company
- Industry
- Company size
- Function
- Title
- Seniority level
- Postal code
- School
- Groups
- Years in current position
- Years at current company
- Years of experience
- Past company
- Company type
- First name
- Last name
- Profile language
- Profile languages
- Interested in
- Member since

Does anyone know if the Business Plus plan will also have the same filters available as my colleague's premium Job Seeker plan does?

Will the only way to search by filters such as 'Seniority Level', 'Company Size' and 'Groups' to be to use Sales Navigator?

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