Taming the Firehose
A short Prezicast on handling the blizzard of stuff (to store and/or read and/or do and/or share ... now, tomorrow, next year?...) coming at you every day

Over the summer I set up a #GTD -driven system for managing my Inboxes (email & social); ToDos & Calendar; personal and public Libraries of useful stuff; and the stuff I Share.

Rather than go with one software solution, I combined several  services, from Hootsuite and Gmail through to Pocket, Papyrus, DoIt, Diigo, Yammer & more, all tied together with #IFTTT (If This Then That).

This approach allows me to add services without breaking anything, so I'd love to hear about any other/better tools, processes and ideas I should include.

I put together a PreziCast to describe how it works, below, but it's already out of date! I just saw +Peg Fitzpatrick 's post this morning "How to Use Social Media Tools to Save Time": https://plus.google.com/u/0/104858643838035519891/posts/8Yu6TS9oDun , and as a result am already looking at cooking up some IFTTT recipes for Buffer, PicMonkey, SocialBro & Feedly...

PS A slightly fuller explanation is available on my TumblrHub: http://mathewlowry.tumblr.com/post/59662964425/taming-the-firehose-scan-queue-tag-and-share.
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