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Esther Wojcicki

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An interesting interview with the researchers behind 23andMe
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Esther Wojcicki

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When does scientific research cause more harm than good? That question has been at the heart of controversy over what should be published about avian flu.
The H5N1 avian flu virus isn't known to be transmissible through the air, but a study released Thursday shows how mutations to the virus could give it that ability.
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I want to know something like this so I can be careful...
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Esther Wojcicki

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Teens should be taught how to evaluate online information; they should not be protected from it.
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Esther Wojcicki

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FDA is creating unnecessary blocks for consumers about their DNA
A US drug-agency clampdown is unwarranted without evidence of harm, say Robert C. Green and Nita A. Farahany.
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Esther Wojcicki

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Very interesting talk
Video of 23andMe's Anne Wojcicki's keynote at Austin's South-by-Southwest conference.
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Esther Wojcicki

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Great ideas
As businesses face drastic drops in the organic reach of their Facebook posts, there are no doubt some shifting focus over to Google+. With recent …
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Some words of wisdom from a smart person
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Esther Wojcicki

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Do we want to know?  Does early detection really save lives?
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The FDA had long resisted regulating the direct-to-consumer genetics industry, so why did they reverse that decision now? And what is at stake for consumers, the industry and life sciences research?
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I am very interested in making education more effective.  I am Chair of the Board of Learning Matters and Vice Chair of Creative Commons.  I founded the Palo Alto High School Journalism program that is now the largest in the US.   I love discussing ways to improve education within the current system.
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