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Who ordered the Whoop Ass Fajitas
Who ordered the Whoop Ass Fajitas

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I know this is a Walking Dead Community, but I saw "Django Unchained" this past weekend and it was Awesome!! Tarantino is Amazing!!

Hershel lost a leg, The Gov. lost an eye, Rick lost his mind...........

So is Sasha, The daughter of Tyrese in the show? In the Comic his daughters name is Julie and her boyfriend is Chris. But the young boy in the shows name is Ben. Just saying.....Sometimes I get the comics mixed up with the show

Be good to see Morgan and Dwayne in the 2nd half of Season Three. I hear they will be back!!

Tonight we dine at HOOTERS! Eat from them EVERYTHING and tip them NOTHING!!

I know Shane died early in the comics and lasted a little longer in the show, but I kind of miss him on the show, he was a huge part of the group and the show.

Watch The Boondock Saints....nuff said!!

If you love  The WD play the game, VERY, VERY, GOOD!!

Playing the WD on PS3, AWESOME!!! Tying me over till Feb.

Only the eye? Gov got off easy compared to what she did to him in the comics. Michonne got midevil on his a$$
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