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Building my empire, so you don't have to.
Building my empire, so you don't have to.

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Atomic lands in Five more days! Here is today's write up in Who doesn't love some press, hootie hooo!

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CALL TO ACTION GULF GATE RESIDENTS re: Medallion Rape and Pillage of Neighborhood:
There is a tentative county hearing scheduled for July 13th, the Sarasota County Commission has the final say in the property’s rezoning. The date for the hearing is tentatively set for July 13.
1) Why in the F'in sakes is Carlos Beruff allowed to put two horses on this piece of property in order to receive some kind of business tax abatement? Can our County screw the people any more when it comes to corporate welfare hand outs to creeps like Beruff? Well, yes, yes they can. Please email them and tell them that horses or any farm animal should not be allowed to be placed on this property.
2) This land, a former golf course, is NOT a good place for horses to graze, shit even the wildlife for that matter. I consider this the same as handing these horses a good pile of poison to munch on, this land has been saturated in weed killers, fertilizers, etc.
3) A "tentative date" is a guise used by the county. Our commissioners are known to fudge crap like this to cause confusion with the public. If you really give a shit, I highly encourage you to write our county commissioners and annoy them to confirm the date of the meeting and ask them why and how much of a tax abatement Mr. Beruff is receiving by placing two horses on this piece of property. This is stinky bullshit.
Sarasota County Commissioner Emails:…/gulf-gate-golf-course-likely-will-b…/
Step up, do your civic duty, sending an email won't take that much time. Thank you!

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Coralette Damme / The Crafty Hag, 2006 - 2015 Atomic Maker shares how her vintage postcard collection influences her work.  Get to know her, I love stories like this.

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Atomic totes, always amusing, perfect to use the day of the show.  Screened by locals Clothesline, available for purchase until 10/20/15.

Just visit the Atomic website and click the PayPal button to purchase.

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All in a day's work.

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Atomic Holiday Bazaar, Application Open for Out Door Vending!

Atomic Holiday Bazaar enters its 10th season on Saturday, December 12 and Sunday, December 13. Going on a decade, Atomic has busted out the seams of the Municipal Auditorium and the Bay Front Room with ever growing talent and a dedicated fan base. What does one do about this when they refuse to leave their beloved venue, Sarasota's Municipal Auditorium? Expand the show to the great outdoors. Street vendors will be located on Plaza De Santo Domingo, the street between the Municipal Auditorium and the Sarasota Art Center. 

Atomic welcomes indie crafters and artist applicants who represent the following categories to apply: screen printed t-shirts / re-purposed furniture / wood work / plushies / retro kitsch / vintage jewelry / original clothing / artsy ephemera / home decor / art / screen prints / photography / paper products / painting / collage / body products / make up / soap / body oils / aromatherapy / canned goods / wrapped cookies / vintage clothing retailers / shoe cobblers / t shirt screen print artists / indie clothing designers / vinyl / nutty inventors / surprise me, it's been a decade of Atomic, I'm ready for more indie-craft adventures!


~ Rental Space is sold only as a 10 foot x 10 foot tent space
~ Rental Fee is $200 per day plus 7% Florida Sales Tax (tax is not charged if you have resale cert or live out of state)
~ Double Space will be granted if you have a storefront or sell larger pieces such as furniture, option given below.
~ Rental does not include tent, set ups, displays, electricity. Vendor is responsible for entire display, set up and tear down.
~ Tents are not required but if being used, tents must be 10' x 10' or smaller. If using a smaller tent, the vendor may use space not absorbed by the tent but all vendor displays and wares must fit within a ten feet by ten feet foot print with no bleed out into pathway.
~ Security. An off-duty Sarasota police officer will be available during the day. An off-duty Sarasota police office will be hired to work outside to guard tents and displays overnight. Vendors are advised that they are solely responsible for their property. Valuable merchandise is advised to be taken with the vendor over night. Theft or damage will not be the promoter's responsibility. The street is very small so security patrol overnight should be easy and deter theft. 
~ Inclement Weather. It has only rained once during an Atomic show and it was minimal. The street fair will not be cancelled due to rain. Refunds will not be given if vendor decides to pull from show if the weather doesn't suit them. Odds are very much in the favor of good weather that weekend, historically the weather is sunny and warm.

To apply please click the link below:

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Atomic Holiday Bazaar, Season 10
Sat. 12/12 & Sun. 12/13
Noon - 5PM
@ the SRQ Muni Auditorium, Bay Front Room and Plaza De Santo Domingo St.
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