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I had a dream last night.

I was in the driveway getting home from work, some neighbors out too. We saw two flights of 5 fighter jets at mid altitude going fast. I was worried, we going to war? China? North Korea?

Just then a 6 foot meteor crashes into the fence between the neighbors and I, it cracks open with red hot stone showing it's just a shell as steam and dust come up from it. A number of about 20 lb. mini tyrannosaurus rexs started appearing out of thin air, they had dark mauve and dark brown skin and sharp triangular teeth in mouth frozen in a snarl, obviously alien as they have no eyes or eye sockets.

When I say appear, I mean they just appeared, they did not move from anywhere, one second they weren't there the next they were, one at a time each second or so, until there were about 20 in my yard scattered about like chickens facing random dirctions. They did not move at all nor make a sound, but they seemed to be alive, frozen in concentration. I moved behind my car, to put it between myself and them. I wished I'd had a gun, or something to defend myself. They didn't appear terribly dangerous though, only slightly more so than a pack of chihuahuas.

I woke.

I wondered what that was all about, and if something like that had happened and they weren't hostile how many people would just shoot them out of fear.

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Is there a way to do like a sticky list in a community? I'd like a list of RPGs and other games to play with the kids.

I just ran across this, and wasn't sure if it'd been mentioned:

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I'm hankering to run something again. I'll be running 1-3pm PST Tues & Thur on roll20 text chat only, with probably relative newbies who've only played 5e and my own OSR. I can't seem to decide what system to use, and my players say whatever I want.

I haven't run 2e in ages, but I have the fondest memories of it, but then I ran it with a bit of 1e and a bit of holmes, and my own house rules. It'd probably be a lot of work to get that up and running, and having access to it for the players might be a problem.

I'd like to try MCC, but that's not out yet, which means I'd have to wait more.

I wouldn't mind running GW again, but again - access for the players is an issue, and I only ever run LoG, which is shorter term, I'd like to get something longer term going.

My own OSR only seems to work out so-so and still needs tons of work, More than I want to do, but I could do that, perhaps even continuing with previous characters. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any newbies into it though, so my player base was dwindling from when I switched them from 5e.

And there's FASERIP. I tried running it PbP before, but didn't have the best luck, I attribute more to me not ever having any good luck with PbP than the system, so I'd be up to try it for text chat. I'd probably try some of the modules this time instead of writing up my own.

I was also vaguely thinking of running S&W lite, as it's small it might not scare newbies off, as my URPG did.

The other one I keep thinking of is Star Wars d6 or a clone or something like that.

What should I run?

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2e & 1e frankenmix
Wait for MCC
1e Gamma World
URPG (my own FRPG, needs work)
FASERIP (Marvel Heroes)

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On to the 2nd episode. The actor's impersonations of the original cast aren't up to the ones in the new movies, but the set & plots are far more like the original series, I'd perhaps even say the plots might be better than the original series. Episode 2 almost made me cry, and it starred Lou Ferrigno as the green bad guy! 

My notifications show me '4 missed posts from x' it gives a snippet of those posts, they look interesting. I want to look at them. When I click on them it takes me to what looks like my regular feed, and I don't see those posts anywhere. This makes me sad. :(

Humans are an AI Biomech Humans are really just a super-AI built by immortal bacteria. But various viruses made by bad actors have made us all erratic, unable to follow our original directives completely. All the bacteria are like a city that live in and upon us. when you get a 'gut feeling' that's all the bacteria having taken a vote on something and sent the results up to the AI (our brain).

Someday will humans live upon a city sized AI spaceship as beyond us as we are to bacteria something so massive that it's barely or not even aware we live upon it?

+Sarah Perry-Shipp
In relation to all the Humans are... ideas.

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Got Lego Heroica Waldurk Forest for my son's 7th birthday a couple weeks ago. We finally broke it out after getting a clear space and he'd gone through the rest of his Legos that he had any space for.

I started out letting him build it, but eventually got impatient and started helping, it was probably close to an hour, but we only had to break it in 4 pieces to fit back in the box after we were done, so setup should be closer to a normal board game next time.

We only played one game which he won as ranger, he got really lucky on rolls, actually so did I, I don't think either of us took any damage. He was disappointed there weren't enough gold on the board to get any of the weapons after I took one, but he didn't go for the treasure boxes. He ended up making a b-line to the dark druid and sniped him dead from afar. All in all the game probably took 10 minutes, and only because I was trying to figure out how it worked. It's only 3 small pages of rules, so not much to it. It seems like it would be exceedingly short no matter what, and there's not really much to it.

He didn't want to play again, and just wanted to play with the Legos. Not a good use of about $75 for a board game in my opinion, but then some of the other just plain Lego sets he got from others in the family were more than that. Also the heroes & monsters are one piece and much smaller than normal mini-figs which I think was a bit disappointing.

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I made the mistake of posting on reddit... Proposed house rules and some possible solutions. It's a looong list, so reference it there:

It'd be nice to get some actual help with it instead of 'go play 1e'
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