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Secret Cave
Well... I totally slacked off on posting (ahem, and also writing) the other assignments that I've been giving my teens in their writing class. In my defense, I've been working on a romance short story and grading papers and a piece for the class that just i...

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Stinging nettles! (from wikipedia) Being a writer is the best. So few jobs allow you to watch random Youtube videos and then call it research! I just watched some overview vids about how stinging nettle can be knitted into fabric, and let me tell you, it wa...

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Twitter Stories
week’s assignment (which prompted one of my students to cry, “Do you hate us?!”)*
was to write a story suitable for a single tweet. So 140 characters or fewer.
To prove that it wasn’t too difficult, I worked up several rough drafts on the
drive to and ...

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A Mermaid's Tale
Image from Note: For the teen writing class I’m
teaching this year, the first assignment was a piece of flash fiction based on
an assigned fairy tale. Since I’m trying to do the assignments along with the
kids, I thought I’d share mine. This ...

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Our Life in Music
“Bohemian Rhapsody.” Kati, Anna,
and I had wondered: How much of our weirdness would it take to scare you away?
How crazy would we have to be before you said enough? But that night I began to
realize maybe you would always match us crazy for crazy. Was I al...

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Book Review: My Fairly Dangerous Godmother, by Janette Rallison
Rating: 3/5 stars (I reserve 4 and 5 stars for books that really struck me on a personal level or
stuck with me in some deep way. This book was lots of fun but not, for me,
super deep. I almost feel bad rating it only 3 stars, though, because it makes
my fe...

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Baubles, a character intro
Note: The following is
a character sketch/opening sequence I wrote for a project I’ve been
occasionally working on. It’s a contemporary YA fantasy very very loosely based on “The Princess and the Frog”
(the fairy tale, not the Disney version), and I’m calli...

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Was It You?
February 2000 . We dance, awkwardly, my palm sweaty in his, his
hand no doubt sticking clammily to the waist of my dress. The friendship is
old, but the dancing is new. We are close enough that looking up into his face
kinks my neck, so we just shuffle, the...

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The Promise of Snow, part 11
woke in the night, her body twisted in the sweat-drenched sheets, her blood
burning with remembered heat. Years had come and gone, some slow like the
breaking of the ice in early spring, some fast like a sudden blizzard--but the
fever still came this wa...

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The Promise of Snow, part 10
came back to him late the next morning and stood just inside his doorway.
"I am sorry," she said, her eyes on the ground. "I could not
accept it, but I must. I risked you, Tomas, for my own selfishness. I did not
care that you might be hurt. Had you gon...
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