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Smooching in DC
Tried to catch the cherry blossoms this year but didn't time it just right. It was a little cloudy and fairly windy. It appeared that the trees still hadn't come into full bloom. Anyhow there is always photo opportunities when visiting Washington DC. 

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Blackwater River, from the Blackwater Lodge overlook

Another Fuji x100s shot of the Blackwater river down in the valley below. This shot was taken during last years Backwater Falls state park trip. It is an amazing place, especially if you hit the fall foliage just right.

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Check out +Steve Huff's review of the new Fuji X-T1
#fujifilmxt1   #fujifilm  
My Fuji X-T1 Review is live today! Enjoy!
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I'm sad to say his review is pretty spot-on. Especially regarding the watercolour jpegs in certain conditions. Not very pleasing at all.
I need to do some more testing and maybe even try other raw converters. Images have not blown me away yet. :(
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Canon in the field
Here is a shot taken during a hike last fall in the Manassas National Battlefield. Using the Panasonic GX7 and the wifi mode I transferred the image to the iPad and used NIKs Snapseed app for processing. 

#snapseed   #nationalbattlefield   #manassasvirginia   #manassasnationalbattlefieldpark   #cannons   #panasoniclumix   #lumixgx7   #micro43  
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Models & Products
What do you get when you have a great location, a pretty girl and a kick ass product? An awesome photo opportunity! This location in Sea Side Panama City Beach was just the ticket for capturing the essence of what SoWal bicycles is all about. Have fun riding and look great doing it. 
For this particular image I cropped and treated it using Lightroom and VSCOFilm's 02 Kodak Portra 160. One of my favorite film emulations in the VSCOFilm line. I love the subtleness to the way it treats colors, and for this particular beach scene, at least for me, gave it that light summery feel, even though it was January.
From a camera perspective I will have to say I am amazed at how well these newer cameras, especially Olympus's OM-D line when it comes to White Balance. You don't have to do anything the camera just nails it, pretty much every time.

+VSCO +Olympus OM-D  #vscofilm02   #30A   #30a  +SoWal Bicycles  #southwaltonbeach   #southwaltonbeaches  
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Cool shot +Greg Bosque
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Greg Bosque

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Here is a very cool series of photos by Andrew Whyte. Adventures of a lego photographer. Check it out. 
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This is a passionate photographer to do set ups like this. Very well done v 
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Tangier Island after sunrise

Its been a while since I shared an image, been really busy but wanted to post one of my favorites from last year.

Here is another shot of Tangier island from the east side of the island. We were shooting the sunrise and when you turned back towards the island you saw this great pink hue on the clouds rolling across the island. This shot was several exposures combined to create an HDR image. I think it was just 3 shots since the clouds were moving pretty rapidly. 

#landscapephotography   #tangierisland  +Tangier Island  #sunrisephotography   #sunrisephotos   #fujifilm   #fujixe1  
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Wow, gorgeous shot Greg!
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Greg Bosque

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If your a fan of Visual Supply's Film Emulations, check out their latest set!
VSCO Film® 05 / The Archetype Films Collection

We are proud to introduce our newest VSCO Film pack, VSCO Film 05 for Lightroom 4 & 5 and ACR for Photoshop CS6 & CC. The Archetype Films Collection is an accessible assemblage of digital film emulations of mass market, consumer-friendly stock from the past twenty years, the golden age of analog. Building upon the foundation of previous VSCO Film packs, the Archetype Films Collection represents our finest digital emulations to date, the embodiment of these nostalgic film stocks.

Learn More
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Good stuff.
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Greg Bosque

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Don't let anyone tell you these Olympus micro 4/3rd cameras can't be used for commercial photography. Auto white balance is amazing, and the overall speed of everything including the controls, just makes the camera get out of your way. 

I currently own the OM-D E-M5 but rented the E-M1 to try out for this shoot. I now want one but already having a bunch of other cameras I will have to wait. That Zuiko Pro 12-40mm f/2.8 is also amazing to work with. Didn't really need any other lens throughout the whole day. Great combination!
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Looks great. I shot a senior shoot and the young lady preferred that I used my m5. She said it was less intimidating. The photos I took with m5 were her favorites.
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Greg Bosque

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When wanting to slow down water and create just the right mood in your images, you often have to resort to using various optical filters. Rob Knight has a great article talking about a system that works well for Micro 4/3rd systems - check it out!
Photoshop and HDR have all but replaced optical filters for a lot of folks, but a good set of filters can save you a lot of time in post.
The Lee Seven5 filter system is specifically designed for smaller mirrorless cameras. I put them to work on my LUMIX GX7 last weekend, and I wrote a short review...

#LUMIXlounge   #leefilters   #microfourthirds   #LUMIXGX7   #review   #landscapephotography  
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