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Hello Google World!
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just had a very blonde moment... was trying to figure out how to message Chrissy through Google+, searched around for a button for a while...then realized that a 'message' through G+ is really just an email
but how do you write on someone's wall without commenting on something they've posted? I'm finding G+ not quite identical enough to FB......
You can't write on somebody's wall without commenting on a post. Also, it's not supposed to be identical to facebook. If it were, I'd already have been invited to 45 groups because somebody lost their phone, blocked 80% of my circles because they won't stop inviting me to stupid crap like farmville, and have had my privacy violated at least 4 times. This is far superior already, it's just taking a bit to get the hang of and they're still ironing out the kinks. Remember, this is still early field test.
You can send someone a private message by just limiting the recipients...
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