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Dennett vs postmodernism
Daniel Dennett is getting some stick at the Daily Nous  (and on Twitter too, I could have sworn, but now I can't find any evidence of that) because of these remarks: Maybe people will now begin to realise that philosophers aren’t quite so innocuous after al...

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Wittgenstein and politics in twenty minutes?
Here's Sean Wilson on Wittgenstein, politics, and critical thinking. I haven't had time to watch it yet, but it sounds interesting:

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Anthony Bourdain again
This New Yorker essay on Anthony Bourdain is well worth reading if you're interested in him at all. I don't have much to say beyond that, except that it raises the authenticity issue again (as discussed here ). According to Patrick Radden Keefe, Bo urdain "...

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Bad language
I think I'm going to rename my paper on the  value of clarity  "The Ethics of Communication," a title suggested by James Klagge. It's a huge and understudied field, it seems to me. Lots of people talk about Orwell's essay on  politics and the English langua...

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Ornament and Crime: the book
One of my Christmas presents was Adolf Loos' Ornament and Crime , which includes the famous essay of that title but also many more short pieces on related themes. There aren't many huge surprises, but he's funny and seems very similar to Wittgenstein in mat...

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Anger is an energy?
"It isn't sensible [ vernünftig ] to be furious even at Hitler: how much less so at God," Wittgenstein wrote around 1945 according to Culture and Value (p. 46e of my edition). There is a lot of anger now about Trump's election, although I suspect (i.e. beli...

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British Wittgenstein Society Newsletter
[Warning: the following consists of little but bragging, although there is also a link to videos of talks by various Wittgenstein-related philosophers.] The latest BWS Newsletter  contains a short piece by Anshel Cohen, a student at Cambridge, about the 8th...

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Houellebecq's The Possibility of an Island
This essay  of mine used to be available online but has disappeared, so I've uploaded it to If you like his work, or don't like it but want to understand why others do, you might be interested.

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Philosophy as a kind of rebellion
A thought occurred to me the other night, while I was more or less asleep, that seemed like a revelation. In the light of day it seems less exciting, and less certainly true. But, as I have to keep reminding myself or else I will never post anything, this i...

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Where's the harm
Two thoughts about harm, neither of which is perhaps very interesting (although if they are uninteresting because they have been expressed before I'd be grateful for a reference). The first is about Mill's so-called harm principle, which says, roughly, that...
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