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Some people make too many cryptic and vaguely recriminating status updates.

Didn't enjoy "The Hobbit" very much. I can forgive almost anything, but not boredom.

I finally leap into a decade ago with a webcam!

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sizeof All that I thought I would be
STRINGRANGE = all the days of my life
?- above (X)
X = below
?- macro (X)
X = micro
?- = my whole life (X)
X = each and every iota of nonsense
These moments are of vital importance.
Argument = sunlight between my fingers, synaesthetic
Argument = every piece of lost media
Argument = you're not ready for this, spaceman
This mortal life = <2
One mortal life ? the only time I feel spiritually whole : all my gods and snakes
That which persists ? Every day hurts a little more : no return
XIII - Death overlays XV - The Devil
$args | foreach {"Survive $_ with me"}
System.err.println("ERROR: Rock Plato's Cave 'til the roof falls down")

I don't know why, but my interface in Google Docs is in (I think) Japanese. My default language in Google, at least in the menu I can find, is set to English. I'm not sure how to change it.

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This guy is a political commenter I subscribed to on YouTube.

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I just spent like two hours rebuilding my Mass Effect character. It felt like a cross between a dating service, a psychological analysis of the persona, and reconstructive surgery.

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But not as a terrible US live action remake.
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