Get Into the Snow!
OH YES Ladies and Gentlemen it is TIME for #thesnowballcircle  share! The last 4 shares have seen over 250 plusses and 200 shares as well as 300 comments! 

NOTE: AS ALWAYS REQUEST in comments to be added but follow the 3 rules below to stay in the circle forever as I check it every week to be fair!

Sticking to the rules of the circle AS ALWAYS to remain in the circle it is quite simple 
1. Plus
2. Share
3. Add to your circles!!

That is all! I add this circle to multiple #databases  every time I share it which has no doubt accounted for myself gaining 2,000 new quality friends in the 9 shares I have made so far! 

This circle is special because it is a diverse group of people made up from every corner of google plus. Let's keep it rolling and plus add share if you are in it!
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