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New zen garden

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Value-for-value as a business model

Adam Curry gives an honest presentation and if you watch closely, you can sense the public getting slightly uncomfortable with so much truth.

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Most product reviews are rather boring. So, here's my first review about a product I did not buy, but was asked to hook up (I'm "that tech guy" in my family)

I like the König 4-port HDMI switch. It solves the problem of having too few HDMI-ports on your TV, or having too much HDMI devices you want to connect to your TV.

- no power usage
- no maintenance
- no remote control, just 4 push buttons
- it's small (10x10x2cm)
- the brand sounds German, so it must be durable
(it's actually originally Dutch, so close enough)

Get one around 25 euros if you need to solve a problem. Buy something else if you want more intrusive devices. 

It's not often that Dutch tech journalism gets it right. The analysis in  Computable magazine of the Whatsapp aquisition was spot on though.

The article correctly assumes that it was a "broad spectrum aquisition":

- Whatsapp is more cross-device than Facebook Messenger
- Whatsapp is big in non-Facebook countries
- Whatsapp has a new, young userbase
- Facebook has an interest in real, unique, social identity
 (Whatsapp: you are your phone number and your contact list)

The big question about how Facebook is going to earn back the 40 dollar per user it spend, remains unanswered, although  I think when Whatsapp will grow to a billion users this number should be halved soon.

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WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum: part 3

From CEO to board member. 

After Facebook's aquisition, Jan Koum seems to retain some control over WhatsApp. Can he stay true to "no ads, no games, no gimmicks"?

I believe he can and he will and he negotiated hard for it. But then, what's in it for Facebook? Well, at least:

- Revenue which isn't based on display advertising.
- Big data on verifiable identity (1 user, 1 telephone number)

I haven't seen much reporting on the second one, but it seems to me that Facebook would be interested in a way to verify real identity of it's accounts with data from WhatsApp.

+Veritasium posted an interesting video on the shady practices of "Like Fraud". Facebook has a big problem with fake accounts in it's advertising model. Is the WhatsApp aquisition partly a purchase of a cure?

#whatsapp   #facebook  

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WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum: part 2

My second impression of the man behind the app.

Whenever a CEO says "we are not focusing on monetization right now", it always sounds like "we want to sell our company as an exit strategy".

The odd thing with WhatsApp is, that they do make money and their subscription model (a buck a year) is sound and their product scales nicely.

#whatsapp   #JanKoum  

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WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum: part 1

This was my first impression of the man behind the app.

Tech reporter +Alexander Klöpping was allowed to film inside the headquarters of WhatsApp. How come?

Jan Koum: "Because we are so popular in the Netherlands, we cannot say no."

More than 80% of Dutch smartphone owners use WhatsApp. I guess we like to message short, direct and (almost) free of charge. Twitter is big as well, but WhatsApp has totally disrupted our national SMS market.

#whatsapp   #JanKoum   #Dutch  
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