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Your daily dose of laughs and inspiration!
Your daily dose of laughs and inspiration!

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Take A Chance!

Because you don't know how absilutely great something can turn out to be!

#quoteoftheday #inapirationalquote #lifetalks #lifelessons

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What's Your Cupid Name?

Choose the first letter of your first name and then the month you were born in.... Tell us your Cupid name. Mine is L - Sept! :o)

#cupid   #valentinesday   #lovegames   #forfun  

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On Mobile-friendly Becoming a Search Ranking Factor on 4/21 - Q&A Hangout With Google's John Mueller

This morning's meeting with John Mueller has a trove of answers & recommendations regarding Google's big announcement that (, Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, meaning more #mobilefriendly  sites in search results.

So here I've time stamped the Q&A's on this topic:
0:25   John announces mobile-friendliness is becoming a ranking factor.

0:55   Mobile-friendly by Default a presentation
          by John Mueller, Google Feb 27, 2015

9:22   If a site is not mobfr (my mobile-friendly abbr.) what are Google's suggestions.

10:50   Is mobfr ranking going to start immediately on announced date, or will it be a rollout over a period of time?

11:59   When you rollout the update, are nonmobile-friendly sites going to drop down, or will we still see these ranking in higher positions?

31:25   John's giggle that's fun to click replays. :D

Here I managed to squeeze in a few minutes for my own questions on the mobfr ranking changes (Yes, please excuse my cold. LOL.) :

44:40   Will mobile search results now become significantly different from regular search, or will this change affect all platforms?

45:24   Was there significant restructuring needed to separate mobile search results rankings from desktop search?

46:18  Will mobile search specifically be looking just to surface mobfr content, or will it also be looking to demote non-mobfr?

47:32   Are the factors listed in our WMT going to be the specific factors affecting our ranking, or is that just as a notification, something that operates entirely separately?

48:44   So it would be safe to assume the WMT data that we're seeing, is the content that is being used for that ranking?

49:33   Of the specific WMT ranking factors, which would you say are most important that they will more strongly affect these changes?

50:54   Will users reaction within mobile be playing strong on results?

51:50   from Mihai, is the affect mobile ranking factors give to mobfr websites simply black & white, or is it degrees, like depending on scores?

53:20   Would it be a problem if interstitials show up a minute, or so later, or do these have to be shown immediately?

56:53   On behalf of another user, I ask a question regarding an interesting search result [allegedly] seen on mobile, where certain mobile results are preceeded by a red Slow label. Here is that image   which appears to show Google experimenting with labeling slow loading results with a bold red tag.

#MobileFriendly   #GoogleSearch   #ResponsiveWebDesign  

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Dog says......Hey guys....come on throw the stick....and again  ..LooooL  🐶🐶🐶
Animated Photo

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Iguazú Falls. Brazil - Argentina 

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Arun, yes I typed it right...

Its your turn, try it !!!

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Can You Name This Amazing London Apartment Bedroom In One Word?

I called it "Spaceship!" :-)

#londonapartments   #bedroomdecor   #homedesign   #london   #londonrentals  

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