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How to Build a Brand if You’re a Small Business

It’s easy for Coke. It’s easy for Nike. It’s easy for Starbucks. Brand-building—that task that sets a business apart from the crowd. You can hum the jingles in your sleep.

For a small business? Not so easy, one might think. But think again.

At one time, each of these big companies were once small businesses, trying to find a way to make their mark in the world. And they succeeded—big-time. Here are some tips that can help any small business make their own impact on their slice of the market:

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How to Market a Product in a Small Town

Small towns. They’re dotted across the country, and they’re full of people. People who buy things. How can a company market to the good folk of America’s small towns?

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8 Tips For Turning Painful Personal Lessons into Professional Success

If we go through a deeply painful or meaningful personal situation, that experience can dramatically impact other areas, including our professional lives.

This is exactly what happened to Michael Nova, whose music career led to the founding of multiple businesses. There are several lessons any entrepreneur — and really any person — can learn from his triumph over adversity.

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3 Risky Marketing Mistakes Social Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

Though social enterprise brings both profit and a greater good for society, it isn’t an easy job to juggle the two-pronged approach to business. Here are three suggestions that can help a social enterprise avoid the pitfalls that have thrown other social companies off track and better promote its work...

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How to Market A New Business

One thing that’s true of most small startups: they don’t have a huge cash flow to pay for a massive marketing campaign. Unless a business receives funds from an angel investor or Daddy’s trust fund, it’s on its own to find a savvy marketing scheme that will bring in the customers.

Here’s how a new business can spread the word about its products and services without breaking the bank:

#smallbusinessmarketing #branding #startup

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The 90/10 Rule for Successful Online Marketing

Too many businesses smack readers in the face with their pumped-up sales approach online. Such an approach turns off more potential customers than the business may realize. Potential customers don’t often tell businesses why they left: they simply click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the newsletter or unfollow the business on social media...

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Successful Branding Strategy- Keeping Company Branding Efforts Consistent to Profit

When a kid goes to the store to buy a Coke, she looks for the familiar red-and-white logo on the package. What would happen, though, if Coke changed its label? After hunting through all the bottles and cans in the soda display with nary a red-and-white logo in sight, she’d probably give up, settle for a Pepsi, and maybe even decide she likes it better.

Imagine that on a national scale. Coke would lose a ton of money, you can bet on that.

But that won’t happen. Coke didn’t become a multi billion-dollar company by changing its labels.

Quite the contrary. Consistency sells...

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How To Merchandise A Store And How Labels Can Help

Smart labeling can attract customers’ attention to sale merchandise that a high-end business wants to promote without a lot of extra time spent on merchandising.

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How To Promote A Business for Pennies

A business who struggles to gain ground can’t waste money on high-dollar advertisements on radio, TV or on billboards. Rather, they make each customer and their property a walking billboard with low-cost promotional items such as stickers, labels, and promotional wear...

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How to Brand a Business On A Small Budget

Branding a business needn’t send its owners to the poorhouse. If done well, these low-cost ways to create and promote its brand should make revenue flow into its coffers.

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