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Marji Laine
Faith-Driven Fiction
Faith-Driven Fiction

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Excellent review! I loved the first book of this series. This one sounds equally as intriguing! Thanks for sharing!

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Deep and abiding. May these words encourage you as they have encouraged me today!
Hey Soul? Friday's quiet plan? 
Just "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." 1Thess5:18
Outside the will of God, there's absolutely nothing to want -- 
and inside the will of God there's absolutely nothing to fear
#PreachingGospeltoMyself #faith #God

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August in Texas ??? 
Yep! :)

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So excited! My crit partner is visiting on the blog of an amazing author! Two of my favorite people - "together!" LOL!
BEYOND I DO - Jennifer Slattery - One Free Book
Readers, we have
another debut author today. Welcome, Jennifer. Tell
us how much of yourself you write into your characters. A lot. I think there’s probably a smidgeon of me or my
experiences in every novel, though specifics get blurred. For example, I’ve

Yesterday, I spent five hours listening to a webinar by Justin Wise regarding many things, but especially social media. I think my biggest takeaway is that I'm a Jack of all Trades, but master of none. Not that I really want to be a master, but focusing on one major platform and putting thought and energy into the posts on that platform seems infinitely wiser than sprinkling little tidbits hither and yon. So I thought I'd put out my best effort in one of my social media avenues.
Now, I'm pressed to figure out which of the outlets, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, offers the best option for me. All have pros and cons: Facebook regulates my number of friends and if I use my page, it limits the reach of messages unless I pay them. Ick. Bad taste in my mouth. And as much as I like Facebook, I can't get past the fact that everything I'm doing - at least right now - I'm doing for free. Twitter has been a love-hate relationship because I write more than 180 characters. Gooogle+ seems great, yet I'm a baby here. And then there's Pinterest - highly time-sucking and addictive! I love it. I see others loving it. But photos are always required. Not always doable. Like this post. 
What to do? 
What would you do and why?

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Starting a 7-day study of our religious FREEDOM to go along with the prayer initiative, inspired by Anne Graham Lotz. 

Hi, I'm new here. Just finished reading a great romantic suspense, a debut novel by Dani Pettrey called Submerged. Sequel comes out in February - can't wait!
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