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Rosendo Rojas
I dont quite see things they way most people do. I don't quite see one thing, I see the whole. It's hard sometimes.
I dont quite see things they way most people do. I don't quite see one thing, I see the whole. It's hard sometimes.
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Also. Because I forgot. I have brain cancer. Has anyone else heard or is using the RKD, Restricted Ketogenic Diet as a form of combating any type of cancer. Personal or in theory? Thank you in advance. 

Hello. There is very strong and good evidence of cannabis to counter effects of SOC cancer treatments but there's new research about the essential oils from cannabis actually having direct anticancer effects. Has anyone here found some good solid papers for that? 

Hello. I'm new to the group and fairly new to my brain cancer. I'm looking anywhere for cutting edge therapies and just to meet others with similar stories. Good Thursday to you all. 

This world doesn't seem the same. So much different and the things the have happened. It doesn't take much to know what is real. 

Nothing like the morning coffee

Most happy Wednesday to all in the virtual google land and beyond!!!! 

Good morning tomorrow everybody. The new android phones look pretty sleek. Hope everyone is happy that they woke up today and for no other reason smile!!! 

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A nice vanilla sunset in the mountains. 

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Interesting topic I heard on the way home this evening about the USBP. United States border patrol. I guess it's become very common for the last few years for lawful Erica's citizens in any form to be arrested for not having proper or sufficient proof of legal status on their person. Plus the more arrests of any reason the usbp makes they earn massive bonus rewards in forms of gift cards, pay and vacation time. This looks like a huge waste of tax money. No pun intended but this seems to be on the border of being unconstitutional and a form of a police state!!! Check out this website for
more info. 

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It's a new world out there and we are the ones creating or able to destroy it. 
From The Wall Street Journal (which, we shall note, tends to be rather relentlessly anti-Google, one way or another - Lauren)
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