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Sean Cubitt
media digital history philosophy global art - pick any three
media digital history philosophy global art - pick any three

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Blogging at Winterthur
My current duties make blogging an intermittent process but I am doing a series of posts for fotomuseum Winterthur, where recent, brilliant series of posts have ben written by Jody Dean and Nick Mirzoeff. You can find us at

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is truth virtuous?
the disinformation society in which consciously manipulated statistics, invented figures and downright untruth circulate unchecked on a par with evidence. - in the first instance, to establish a standard of truth adequate to public discourse, but rather mor...

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Mediating (Not Defining) Truth
Working slowly towards the large project I hope to start towards the end of 2017, some posts tagged "political aesthetics" There's no point trying to define truth, at least in this project - this is a work on aesthetics, and about how truth, however defined...

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Against Connectivity
At the start of summer I gave a paper of this name at NECS in Potsdam : here's a snippet. In some indefinite but I hope near future this will become part of the argument of the next book, Anecdotal Evidence , itself both an outgrowth from a paper published ...

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The Mass Image and Anecdotal Evidence
Pressures of work have kept me away from social media and this blog. Summer provides a moment or two of respite. I am working up a book expanding the ideas in a paper from a couple of years back, Anecdotal Evidence , and doing a few papers leading towards t...

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Community (version 0)
(in)dividual: the self is a crust laid over a swarm. Self as singularity (that is effectively as multiplicity) is a social product, not of or for all time.

Communication is not only the fallen state of primal mediation but its overcoming in the form of a ...

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Against Tolerance
I seem to have written this in August 2015 and forgotten to publish: it comes as an outtake from Finite Media , which I hope will be out by the end of 2016 Toleration names the absence of dialogue. What I tolerate is beneath attention, marginal to my world....

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To break the unity of the screen-image system through the materiality of segmented flow is the revenge of the rationalized on their rational progenitor.

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Latin and Greek
"Television? The word is half Greek and half Latin. No good will come of it." This bon mot attributed to C.P. Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian , in 1928 applies to the word automobile as well. Marshall McLuhan more or less began media studies with h...

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formal abstraction
"Piet Mondriaan, 1930 - Mondrian Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow" by Piet Mondrian - [1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons - Wikipedia at the very beginning of a new project on political aesthetics that at the moment concerns Truth, Beauty a...
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