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Dakar, Senegal; A West African Introduction
Travelling in West Africa is complex because West Africa
is complex. The last leg of my journey was a short one-hour hop from Conakry in Guinea to Dakar. This 450-mile leg is as Dallas to Kansas or San Francisco to
San Diego, yet we flew over four internati...

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South African Railways; Premier Classe
Private railway travel evokes some rather splendid
images; The Orient Express and The Golden Eagle are but two of the companies
offering the most luxurious of travel on board their private railway carriages.
And wonderful they are too, to which I can attest...

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Aeroplan, Air Canada and Aimia: Part II
The Aimia/Aeroplan saga trundles along as it will for some
time to come, with a regular diet of smiles and positivity coming to us all
from Aimia. This, of course, is to be expected, but there are certain elements
of the future that are far from defined, an...

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Aeroplan and Air Canada
Aeroplan’s slow demise started
months ago, and Air Canada’s announcement yesterday that they were going to
intervene in their headline program was simply an inevitable conclusion to a
slow motion drama. That Air Canada did not own their primary trade-brand ...

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Passports, Visas and the Paperwork of Travel
Here, in a different spin on the blog, is a conversation that I had with CBC Radio's Nadia Kidwai about the ever-changing rules and regulations about travel. Not only passport validity needs to be checked, and the requirements vary from country to country, ...

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United Airlines; have they reintroduced the 72-hour reconfirmation rule?
United Airlines – tell us it ain’t so …… A friend checking in to Lisbon airport this morning for a
United flight to Newark was advised that his reservation had been cancelled
three days previously. Curiously, he had been invited that morning by United to

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UA 3411: Overbooking airlines is a very dangerous process
The United Airlines
incident is a most instructive situation, and one that has drawn a number of
issues to the public's attention. I worked in the airline business for many
years, and am quite aware that any transaction between an individual and an
airline ...

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Tourism at the Tipping Point; what is too much of a good thing?
Tourism is wonderful; it embodies the ideal of people moving
around the world to meet other people, understand other cultures and become
more globally aware, an important asset in today’s globalised society. It
brings wealth to countries with dew natural re...

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Cape Verde; São Antão, the mountainous island.
In the argot of today, and the overuse of superlatives,
it is difficult to describe an island as remarkable as this; São Antão , the
most northwesterly island in the Cabo Verde archipelago, is quite simply
stunning. It is beautiful, it is remarkable, it is ...

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Terrorism and tourism; when these currents meet.
It is true to say that in general, tourist resorts hold little
fascination for me but tourism does. I am intrigued by the ebb and flow of
people seeking a brief sojourn in another country or place, and have spent most
of my life working in this industry. My...
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