A few weeks ago, I sent a LinkedIn connection request to someone I've known for about 20-25 years. He is the Managing Director of a company based in the Midlands and my mom's business partner.

A couple of days later, my mom forwarded an email to me which he had received.  It appeared to be the standard "would like to connect" email but he said he didn't have a LinkedIn account.

I was slightly surprised and a bit confused. He had certainly appeared in the People You May Know list.  I put it down to me misremembering what had happened.

As you might know, LinkedIn allows you to sign in to your email account and it will scan your contacts to see if those people are on LinkedIn.  I must have done this in the past because based on what I've seen today, I am certain that LinkedIn misrepresents that people have LinkedIn accounts when they don't.

The picture attached to this post is from the People You May Know page.  The person in question is my mom's sister who passed away about a year ago.  For the majority of her life, her and her husband ran a small hardware shop in a Derbyshire village and she barely understood email, let alone LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is not using the email contacts to find people who have an account already.  It is evident that LinkedIn is misrepresenting who has an account and does this to entice such people to create one when they receive a "would like to connect" email.  In doing so, it misleads its users into thinking they are connecting with people who already use the service.

Another example of the lengths LinkedIn will go to in order to increase its user base.  I grow more and more discontent with their methods.
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