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California statewide. Call for a free California lemon law consultation.
California statewide. Call for a free California lemon law consultation.


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Last month the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) made changes to the used car rules that will allow dealerships to advertise vehicles as Certified Pre-Owned despite having open recalls. Dealerships must disclose to the buyer that there are open recalls, leaving the responsibility on the owner to get repairs done. These changes are leaving consumers frustrated while they try to figure out which vehicles need repairs and how much sellers are disclosing.

The Federal Trades Commission has some great tips on how buyers can protect themselves. See the link below.

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NHTSA Website Slow Due To Record Recalls

If you have been at the NHTSA website trying to find out if your vehicle has open recalls, you may be experiencing slow search results. The site has been bombarded by consumer's trying to find out if their vehicle is affected by the newest Takata airbag recall. The defect has already resulted in over 33.8 million recalls, over 100 injuries, and six deaths. Find out more about the Takata airbag recall at

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Toyota, Nissan, and Honda Recall More Takata Airbags

Takata continues to make the news as Japans three biggest automobile manufacturers announce that they are expanding the recall for faulty airbags. The recall has already been linked to six deaths and over 100 injuries. Read more about the recall at

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Government Incentives Recommended To Improve EV & Hybrid Auto Sales

A recent study done by the National Research Council and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, recommends that the Federal Government should continue to provide incentives for car buyers if hybrid and EV vehicles are to be adopted by consumers. Developing less expensive, better performing batteries, improving charging station infrastructure, and creating awareness, is needed to help customers overcome uncertainty about the technology. Read more about the studies recommendations at

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California Dealerships Propose Recall Safety Bill

As the NHTSA pushes Congress to pass laws that will force used car dealerships and rental companies to fix recalls, California dealerships say they have a better version for a fix they say will protect consumers from defective vehicles. Groups opposing the bill say the bill is not good enough as it will allow dealers to sell vehicles with deadly safety defects. Read more about the bill at


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Congress Encouraged To Pass Auto Recall Bill

One again, the NHTSA and elected officials are asking congress to pass laws that will make car rental companies and used car dealerships repair recalls before a vehicle can be rented or sold. These proposals are part of a bill designed to improve roadways, address transportation priorities and safety concerns such as automobile recalls. Read more about the Grow America Act at


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Chrysler Investigated For TIPM Safety Defect

Complaints of defective Totally Integrated Power Module's (TIPM) in certain Chrysler SUVs, trucks, and vans has initiated a defect investigation by the NHTSA. The petition includes a list of 70 reports received by the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) from drivers who allege that TIPM failures have resulted in incidents of engine stall; airbag non-deployment; random horn, headlight, taillight, door lock, instrument panel and windshield wiper activity; failure of fuel pump shutoff resulting in unintended acceleration; and fires. Read more about the investigation at
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Should California's Gas Tax Be Replaced With A Road Tax?

The recently passed Senate Bill 1077, is a bill put in place to study the current gas tax and whether a road tax usage fee would be a better alternative for raising funds for road maintenance. With the increased us of EV's, hybrid, and fuel efficient vehicles the current gas tax revenue has been steadily declining. Many states have already done tests on the use of a road usage charge with Oregon expected to implement it this summer as a new voluntary program. Read More Here at


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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Defects

The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. have received a large number of phone calls from 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners experiencing repeated problems with their SUV's. Recall data posted on the NHTSA website shows over 400 driver complaints with approximately 65% of them related to the brake system and electrical system. Repeated problems with your vehicle could qualify you for protections under the California Lemon Law.

Go to to find out more about 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee defects and the qualifications for the California Lemon Law.


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Google & Apple In Automobile Dashboards
After years of being treated as a side business, vehicles have become the next target for Apple and Google. Apple has assigned about 200 engineers to work on electric vehicle technology and Google says it sees the public going autonomous within five years. The most immediate battle, however, is the development of the next generation dashboard systems.

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