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A wonderful game paradise!
A wonderful game paradise!


Dear Lords,

To improve your experience, all servers of Lords Road will be having maintenance on Thursday, June 11th at 02:30 am - 03:30 am EDT (06:30-07:30 am GMT ). We will update Lords Road with a new version for all players. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 60 minutes. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!


- Add extra stamina to 100 (players can collect 100 stamina at 12:00 and 18:00);
- Reduce Mount Jewel requirement of upgrading Mounts;
- Adjust the rewards of VIP, VIP3 can get Wings freely;
- Adjust rules of Arena: when you win against a player, your ranks will be exchanged. Reduce the challenging times to 5;
- Cut down the price of Platinum chest and Mithril chest (50% of the original price);
- Cut down the price Life Spring and Holy Water (50% of the original price) ;
- Increase the friends limit to 50;
- Improve the items of Guild Shop and Honor Shop, add new items and reduce the price;
- Add Icons of Guild Shop and Honor Shop at main interface;
- Peace mode as the default mode when join in Boss Rush ;
- Improve the experience of Virtues, properly increase the Virtues Jewel requirements;
- Improve the interface of Socket;
- Improve the view function in the Chat Window;
- Improve the popping up of system announcements;
- Improve the view function of the Icon of Demon Invasion;

Bug fixed:

- Bugs of the spawning of monster in Daily Dungeon;
- Bugs of the wrong description of Goddess pieces;
- Bugs of Arena rewards;
- Bugs of Magic Fruits;
- Bugs of Guild Boss.

Lords Road Operation Team
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We have just introduced a new activity bonus that we are sure you will enjoy!

Event Time: 06/09/2015-06/15/2015

Click the link for more details!
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We are glad to announce that there will be a big sale for the next few days! During this event, when you buy 2 Blood Flags, you can get 1 free.

Event Time: 06/09/2015-06/13/2015
Item:  Blood Flag
Amout: 3
Offer Price: 240 diamonds
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